The Managed Service Solution

It's About Cost Reduction

Let's get right to the point. The primary reason to use Managed Services is to reduce IT expenses. When you transfer day-to-day IT management to a managed service provider, you achieve savings in many ways, namely:

  • Staff can focus on business goals rather than be responsible for IT management.

  • Potential software and hardware failure is identified and resolved before it occurs, thereby averting costly downtime.

  • Timely updates and security patches are made to servers, workstations and devices to promote efficient operations.

  • 24x7 IT phone support provides fast response for day-to-day service requests.

  • Anti-virus and anti-spam services are kept up-to-date and fine tuned to support productivity and avert downtime.

  • We handle your IT equipment warranty support, so your staff is not tied up.

It's About Peace of Mind

When you contract with SNP for managed services, we arrive at a service program that fits your needs and budget. Our contracts are negotiated at a fixed price regardless of the number of services calls. This gives you a predictable budget and gives us the incentive to keep your operations running smoothly. To live up to our goal of saving you money, we actively monitor you IT infrastructure to prevent problems before they happen. We also stay on top of IT changes and make recommendations that can enhance efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.  

Managed Services Menu

Server, Workstation & Device Management
Remote monitoring and management of servers, computers and devices 24X7 which includes scheduled maintenance, anti-virus management and verification, automated alerting and notification, event log analysis, patch management and more.

IT Help Desk Support
IT help desk support provides 24X7 computer support, troubleshooting, issue resolution via telephone support and remote utilities.LogmeIn.

Onsite IT Support
Onsite IT support complements the IT help desk support by providing onsite diagnostic and problem resolution; e-mail configuration and support; software updates and maintenance; Internet connectivity issues; new computer setup, configuration and updates; crisis resolution; and more.

Data Backup & System Recovery
SNP can monitor and manage offsite and onsite data backup, and management of server, router, firewall and computer images for quick recovery. In addition, depending on budget, disaster readiness strategies are managed through real-time server replication or stand-by servers.

Security and Risk Management
Security and risk management includes analysis of firewall and router logs; spyware/malware monitoring and remediation; intrusion detection; patch management and upgrades; periodic security assessments and security audits; and responding to emergencies.

Web Services
SNP manages a wide range of services related to web hosting, website maintenance, e-mail archiving, continuity of e-mail services, e-mail encryption, spam control, spyware blocking, and content and attachment filtering.

To Sum It Up

By providing these outstanding, cutting edge and reliable services, SNP will realize these benefits for you:

  • Flat monthly fee provides budget predictability and ease of access to our services

  • Select services as needed, single source for all IT services

  • Reduced cost of managing IT infrastructure

  • Lowered threat risk for data and network, a more secured network

  • Increased system uptime

  • Improved network performance

  • More reliable IT environment

  • Careful asset management

  • Satisfied users

  • Time to focus on your core business

SNP applies sound principles of remote management, automation, centralization, monitoring and engineering expertise to provide an affordable managed services solution that can be tailored to your needs.