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Why Cloud Computing? 

It is the means by which organizations can use wide range of services with essentially no upfront investment and with reduced ongoing costs.

The world of computing is moving away from the on-premise IT model, where you keep buying servers, PCs and software licenses as your business grows. Cloud Computing opens a new IT path for any size organization: "clouds" of computing power, accessed over the Internet, become your server and your data center.

Cloud Computing Solutions today fall into three broad categories:


Software as a Service. This means applications like email, office productivity, communications, EMR and others.


Infrastructure as a Service. This means backup, archiving, hosted servers, file storage and more.


Platform as a Service. This means the place to build applications. Salesforce, Azure, Drupal and others fall into this category.

SNP Cloud Computing Solutions

SNP has years of experience in all three categories, working with SMB and Mid-sized customers.

Today SNP offers a wide range of Cloud Computing Services by partnering with Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec:

  • E-mail security, archiving, in-bound and out-bound filtering, e-mail encryption

  • Web security, content management, data loss prevention

  • Office productivity - Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Live Meeting

  • Off-site backup, desktop virtualization, file storage

  • Server replication, hosted applications

  • Drupal CMS development