Legacy Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

Legacy Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

May 03, 2022 | By Phil Balogh

Every year, businesses spend a significant amount of money to maintain their legacy applications. By taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, enterprises of all sizes can now move their legacy applications to a better infrastructure which enables faster development while reducing IT costs significantly.

SNP Technologies has identified three common scenarios customers can leverage to modernize their legacy applications and infrastructure with Microsoft Azure.


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Hybrid Cloud Best Practices

8 Best Practices for Managing a Hybrid Cloud Environment

April 21, 2022 | By Michael Fiorito

Pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy offers your business the combination of the customizability and security of a private cloud with the scalability and flexibility of a pu

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Migrate its On-premises Datawarehouse to Microsoft Azure

SNP Helps Protective Insurance Seamlessly Migrate its On-premises Datawarehouse to Microsoft Azure

March 28, 2022 | By Jatinder Virdee

Opportunity: Protective Insurance Driving Smarter Decisions with Highly Secure Data by Migrating to Azure

During the lifespan of every IT environment, enterprises must assess the best path to manage, simplify and optimize their data warehouse migration, to increase efficiency, maintain security and improve cost effectiveness.

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Azure Kubernetes Services

Accelerate App Innovation with SNP's Azure Kubernetes Services

March 16, 2020 | By Jatinder Virdee

Businesses know that shifting to the cloud can reduce costs, boost performance, and enable them to scale based on rising (or falling) traffic. However, reports show that in 2019, just 22% of enterprise primary workload deployments were on the public cloud. The top issue: complex legacy apps that are resistant to modernization. 

Common issues facing IT teams today include:

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Azure is better than AWS

A leading International Organization Transforms its Business by Switching from AWS to Azure

October 17, 2019 | By Jatinder Virdee

Client Overview:

The client is an international organization specializing in web development, online marketing and open source hosting based in United States.



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SQL Server 2008 + 2008 R2 End of Life Support

SQL Server 2008 + 2008 R2 End of Life Support- 4 Ways to Migrate

March 14, 2019 | By Prakash Parikh

On July 9, 2019, Microsoft will end support and security updates for SQL Server 2008 + 2008 R2. By that date, businesses using those systems will need to have migrated their operations to new software. That presents issues not only of cost and security but availability. It’s not like you can migrate during downtime anymore.

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Microsoft Cognitive Services

Top 5 Azure Cognitive Services for your Applications

January 03, 2019 | By Sachin Parikh

Microsoft’s cloud-based platform Azure has helped many businesses expand while reducing costs associated with hosting and storing data and applications in the cloud. SNP Technologies leverages AI-based cognitive services to add intelligence, automation and search capabilities to your applications.

Tags: Big Data, Data Analytics, Microsoft Azure
Kubernetes Azure

Kubernetes Glossary and Terminology

January 25, 2018 | By Siva Krishna Vemuri
  • Controller: The management node of a cloud environment. Typically, you have one controller per cloud region or more in high-availability (HA) environments. The controller manages all subsequent models in each environment.
  • Kubectl: The command line configuration tool for Kubernetes.
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