Accelerate App Innovation with SNP's Azure Kubernetes Services

Businesses know that shifting to the cloud can reduce costs, boost performance, and enable them to scale based on rising (or falling) traffic. However, reports show that in 2019, just 22% of enterprise primary workload deployments were on the public cloud. The top issue: complex legacy apps that are resistant to modernization. 

Common issues facing IT teams today include:

  • Scalability: Existing DevOps infrastructure cannot scale to accommodate growth.
  • Infrastructure: VM software requires significant space, limiting potential ROI.
  • Potential for Modernization: Internal resources are not equipped to optimize a cloud solution.
  • Technical Debt: Technical debt drives incompatibility with cloud solutions.
  • Speed: Latency and time to deployment for new apps needs to be reduced.
  • Security: Need to improve control over security of app data.

Modern approaches to software development deliver value faster by breaking large applications into smaller containers. These containers make it easier for your team to split a large legacy app into smaller modules that can be built, tested, and deployed.

SNP's Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) is a fully managed Kubernetes solution that lets you:

  • Simplify Operations:  AKS simplifies operations and gives you access to improved security, lower costs, and the innovative potential of the cloud.
  • Innovation: Create new revenue opportunities; provide business partners and customers secure access to corporate resources; leverage data analytics and AI to advance business insights.
  • Security, Identity and Governance: Leverage Microsoft’s enterprise security by enabling user identity framework and governance solutions.
  • Business Continuity &  Disaster Recovery: Leverage Azure’s dynamic disaster recovery capabilities.  
  • Increase speed-to-market: Accelerate efficiency in an agile application development cycle; enable improved management and scalability; enable rapid development of new business tools and applications. 
  • Flexibility: Implement co-existence of on-premises and cloud solutions; provide support for customer’s open source development initiatives.

Why SNP?

We Deliver Expertise: SNP helps customers drive  organizational maturity through improved technical agility.

Get IT Done, Faster: We help you make the right decisions  and accelerate  implementation.

Exceptional Azure Know How: Together, SNP and Azure are  leveraging the power of the cloud for digital innovation.

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