Built-in Security & Management for Hybrid Cloud

The cloud infrastructure usage has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. As an established Microsoft Gold Partner, SNP is in a unique position where we build both a cloud platform and have a long history of delivering management and security services in the hybrid cloud.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure we are blurring the lines between the traditional categories of platform and management as we deliver an open cloud platform that has built-in security and operations management – and can still meet the needs of our largest enterprise customers.

Some of the key features that can help you monitor, secure and manage your hybrid cloud with the broadest built-in security and management capabilities are:

End-to-end Monitoring of Applications & Infrastructure: The new Azure monitor user experience centralizes the monitoring services together so that you can get visibility across infrastructure and applications. In addition, the Application Insights has been further optimized for application performance monitoring and failure diagnostics in Applications.

Azure Governance and Compliance: The Azure governance features helps implement governance across environments, helps in creating hierarchies, applying azure policies, creating blueprints, inventory management, optimize cost using Azure Cost management.

Azure Cost Management: Azure cost management helps organizations manage and optimize cloud spend across Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Cost management has been a critical concern for many businesses, but now it is available for free to Azure customers and partners can manage Azure spend for you.

Azure Security Center Protection for Hybrid Workloads: Azure Security Center helps you protect all workloads running in Azure from cyber threats and can now also be used to secure workloads running on-premises and in other clouds. With the recent release of new capabilities, customers can better detect and defend against advanced threats, automate and orchestrate security workflows, and streamline investigation of threats.

Virtual Machine Experience in the Azure Portal: This new experience simplifies the process of adding backup, site recovery, monitoring, update management and more to your existing virtual machines.

Manage Updates, Configurations & Tracking: Azure customers can now manage missing updates and track configuration changes efficiently across Windows and Linux virtual machines in Azure, and across their hybrid environments.


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