Cortana Intelligence for Advanced Analytics

The Cortana Analytics Suite is fully-managed big data and advanced analytics offering that transforms data into intelligent action. As an end-to-end cloud platform framework, Cortana Analytics Suite includes an integrated, comprehensive set of analytics tools, services, and preconfigured solutions. The key benefits are secure, scalable, fast and flexible roll out of big data analytics projects, reducing time to market and project costs over do-it-yourself approaches.

The Cortana Analytics Suite integrates with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant. Analytics services and predictive models can be combined with Cortana capabilities and can be merged into different user interfaces across desktop, web or mobile apps. Essentially, users can interact with these intelligent apps using natural speech. Even better, smart app users can be notified by Cortana if the analytics model finds a new anomaly or insight requiring immediate attention.

Data and Cortana Intelligence:

While data is pervasive, actionable intelligence is typically elusive. The beauty of analytics is in transforming data into actionable information and refining business processes. To do this in a big data world, you need to quickly analyze vast amounts of data from different sources. Having this capability enables organizations to culturally shift from a historical “what” mindset to understanding “why” certain events are happening. 

Why your business needs Cortana Intelligence?

1. Manage Information - Connect, prepare, and monitor information at scale with data from websites, apps, and devices.

2. Big Data -Get a central repository to manage all your structured and unstructured data with unlimited scalability.

3. Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics - Get detailed insights into your data to predict outcomes with  Hadoop advanced analytics and make informed business decisions in real time. 

4. Interactive Dashboards & Visualizations - Organize and transform your data into rich visuals and view all your data on a single dashboard.

5. Intelligence - Augment your users’ experience through customized responses and by driving appropriate actions with cognitive APIs.

For more information on the Cortana Intelligence Suite and implementing it for your business, Contact SNP Technologies here.

Cortana Intelligence Suite
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