DevOps and Azure: A Match Made in Heaven

DevOps can most readily be defined as a cultural shift, powered by technology—starting in IT and moving throughout an organization. Microsoft Azure provides an ideal, open and flexible platform for all your developing needs from Java to Python, Windows to Linux. Additionally, Azure is seamlessly interoperable with the leading DevOps and automation software providers like Chef, Puppet Labs, and Docker. Plus:

  • Processes are lean and efficient, minimizing waste and delivering maximum value to end customers.
  • Agility in developing, updating, and releasing in many quick bursts, rather than releasing massive products and updates annually.
  • Streamlines the technology aspect of DevOps and improves the overall performance of your organization with Azure Infrastructure services, Azure PaaS, DevTest Labs and Azure Automation.


With SNP, you get:

  • Deep expertise in DevOps culture and technology principles.
  • Unique development or automation tooling and IP related to DevOps.
  • Expertise in third-party solutions, like Chef, that can help you achieve your dev and test goals.


Additional business benefits include:

Manage Costs More Easily

  • Set lab policies to automatically spin up and decommission VMs.
  • Put caps on a lab, like VM count-per-user and per-lab.
  • Estimate spending and set thresholds for the lab cost trend function.


Build Environments Faster

  • Leverage custom images to quickly reproduce environments.
  • Create formulas and modify environment configuration more easily.
  • Use artifacts to get your latest bits and dev tools installed on your machine.


Seamlessly Integrate Toolchains

  • Azure and DevTest Labs are interoperable with many popular Dev tools, empowering you to deliver value by letting you:
  • Use REST API to provision environments from your continuous integration (CI) tools.
  • Deploy with ease from your release pipeline using Microsoft’s VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) tasks extension.
  • Automate VM setup and cleanup with Microsoft’s command line tool.


Customize your Solution

  • Centrally manage development environments.
  • Conduct compatibility and automated testing with reusable environment templates.


For more on DevOps on Azure, Contact SNP Here.

DevOps and Azure—A Match Made in Heaven
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Prakash Parikh

Prakash Parikh is the Chief Operating Officer at SNP Technologies with over 25 years of experience in information technology. He is passionate about Microsoft Cloud and building Cloud solutions to help organizations accelerate their business goals. His specialties include- Cloud Computing Solutions, Azure Web and Mobile Apps, Hybrid Cloud Integration, Microsoft Office 365, Azure Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Power BI, Business Continuity Planning, Mobile Networking and much more.