Enterprise Grade Security for your Cloud Applications

Many organizations are moving to the cloud to increase flexibility for employees and reduce overall IT costs, keeping security as paramount for critical data. As an established Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, SNP leverages Cloud App Security to provide enterprises with a comprehensive, intelligent security solution that brings visibility, real-time control and security to your cloud applications while maintaining control of your critical data.

The Cloud App Security framework consists of:


Discover why your business needs the cloud, identify cloud apps on your network, gain visibility into shadow IT reporting and get continuous risk assessments and ongoing near real-time analytics. Cloud App Security recognizes more than 15,000 cloud apps and evaluates the risk of these apps based on more than 60 parameters, including multifactor authentication support, IP address restriction, and regulatory compliance. The security solution assigns a risk score for each app making it easier for you to decide whether to sanction the app.


Cloud App Security enables granular control policies and powerful, single-click remediation, including document quarantine and sharing restrictions. You can apply policies—out of the box or customized—to apps from Microsoft or other vendors. Cloud App Security can scan and classify files in the cloud and apply Azure Information Protection labels for protection—including encryption.


  • With behavioral analytics, Cloud App Security helps identify anomalies in cloud usage that may indicate a data breach by leveraging Microsoft’s vast threat intelligence data and research.
  • Mitigation of ransomware attacks with built-in policy templates to specify governance actions to suspend suspect users and prevent further encryption of the user’s files.
  • Through integration with your SIEM and DLP solutions, Cloud App Security helps preserve your familiar workflows. It also enables consistent policy enforcement across on-premises and cloud activities, while automating security procedures to better protect your cloud applications.


Uniquely integrated with Azure AD Conditional Access, Cloud App Security can help limit activities performed within user sessions in SaaS apps based on user identity, location, device state and detected sign-in risk level. For example, you can allow access to SaaS apps but protect downloads from unfamiliar locations, or block downloads of sensitive documents from unmanaged devices.

For more details or information on how you can protect your cloud applications, Contact an SNP expert.

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