Managing Data Growth with Microsoft Azure

As businesses continue to grow, so does the amount of data. Enterprises today are struggling with storing, tracking and analyzing information on a daily basis, exposing businesses to inefficiency and security vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, cloud solutions like Microsoft’s Azure offer the capacity and tools needed for you to manage your growing data challenges, and realize the following benefits:

Big Data Insights:

Microsoft Azure HDinsight service brings an Apache Hadoop solution to the cloud. This solution allows you to handle and analyzes any amount of data. Additionally, it integrates with Excel, allowing you to visualize your data in new ways and to uncover business insights. Plus, there are more options for BI being added regularly as the demand increases.

Reliable Data Storage:

Azure allows users to store any type of data, whether it’s file data, structured data sets, or queries in a reliable and fast environment and share it across VMs using industry standard protocols. It’s easy to manage using an import/export feature, also.

Data Security:

Azure was built based on the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, a cutting-edge approach to developing the most secure code based on proven technology and tested around the globe.

Regular Backups:

Azure backs up six copies of your data across two separate Azure data centers, which guarantees 99.9% availability of backups. Azure Site Recovery is an excellent option for backups, too.

Integrative Data Solution:

Azure seamlessly integrates data across the full line of Microsoft SaaS and PaaS offerings like Office 365, allowing users to do more with their ERP, CRM and other business data in a scalable environment that is faster and more reliable.

For more information about how you can manage your data with Azure, explore SNP's cloud solutions here.


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Prakash Parikh

Prakash Parikh is the Chief Operating Officer at SNP Technologies with over 25 years of experience in information technology. He is passionate about Microsoft Cloud and building Cloud solutions to help organizations accelerate their business goals. His specialties include- Cloud Computing Solutions, Azure Web and Mobile Apps, Hybrid Cloud Integration, Microsoft Office 365, Azure Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Power BI, Business Continuity Planning, Mobile Networking and much more.