SNP Collaborates with Citrix to Deliver an On-demand Webinar on How You Can Migrate your Citrix Environment to Azure

It is anticipated, by 2023, the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) market is expected to grow by 29%, as more and more companies reap the benefits of a cloud workspace. But what exactly are these benefits and how do they differ from those currently seen on-premises? 

For businesses adopting a cloud-first strategy, desktop migration is the next natural step. As Citrix and SNP Technologies continues to forge a winning partnership with Microsoft Azure, there is no better time to make the leap to securer, cost effective, and more flexible desktop delivery.

Our solution experts will show you:

* How you can seamlessly deliver and manage the users’ apps, desktops, data, and devices. 

* Successfully and most efficiently scale desktops and applications to the cloud.

* Build a strategy for migrating infrastructure and virtual desktops to the cloud.

* How to proactively test the VDI related user experience from all your remote locations.

* Get insights to optimize and right-size your infrastructure, avoid downtime and improve datacenter efficiency, invest wisely and reduce the cost and complexity of IT operations management.

* Drill down into the technical aspects of deployment, including recommendations on Azure compute, network, and storage, key Citrix infrastructure components, and Azure business continuity.

* How to optimize the performance and availability of hosted desktops and applications.

* And much more!


Watch the webinar on-demand


Citrix on Azure Webinar
Raviteja Beeram

Raviteja Beeram

Raviteja Beeram is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at SNP Technologies with a vast experience in Microsoft Server Technologies, Hype-V Virtualization, Azure Infrastructure Services, Data Center Modernization with Microsoft Azure, Office365 Migration Services, Office365 Services, Managed Services, Server and Desktop Support.