SNP Technologies Helps Eversheds Sutherland Seamlessly Migrate its On-premises Datacenter to Microsoft Azure

During the lifespan of every IT environment, to increase efficiency, maintain security and improve cost-effectiveness, enterprises must assess the best path to manage, simplify and optimize their Data Center migration. Case in point is the data center migration solution SNP Technologies implemented for Eversheds Sutherland. Eversheds Sutherland provides legal advice and solutions to a global client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest multinationals market to meet their evolving business needs.

With their datacenter contract expiring in June 2020, the client was looking to migrate over 200 servers (3 servers with each over 30TB of data, 5 servers with each over 15TB of data), which included the customer’s critical financial applications Aderant & iManage, their Citrix/ AirWatch environment, multiple SQL instances and databases, and multiple business applications to Azure.  

Microsoft introduced SNP Technologies to Eversheds Sutherland in February 2020 to provide a Cloud Economic Assessment. SNP followed a streamlined approach and an inhouse converged cloud adoption framework for migration. After establishing Eversheds Sutherland’s business drivers, requirements and priorities, SNP Technologies then defined the methods and tools, which were required for migration. Following this, migration started.

Utilizing the same framework, the client was presented with an assessment and migration plan. For the same:

* Pre-sales activity continued for approximately 3 months in which multiple client meets were organized to analyze the business case in detail.

* Realization of the gaps and bottlenecks was surfaced using solution assessments.

* Considerable amount of time was spent to simplify the process by removing the complications.

* Business adaptation framework was the key to the migration process.

* Design sessions were organized to decide on the application, data, and infrastructure design.

* Security and regulatory compliances that needed to be adhered to were defined.

* The tools and methodology to be used were determined after establishing the correct strategy; an iterative methodology (agile) was used to move candidate workloads to Azure.

* SNP created interdependent application groups which were then put into sprints based on numerous design principles and application requirements.

* SNP made sure that the process was completed to a degree that all in-scope and servers were easily decommissioned with cost efficiency.


Leveraging the experience of working with multinational clients, proven capabilities, and in-depth industry expertise, SNP Technologies successfully completed the migration task within 12 months. The disaster recovery setup was also completed and validated way before the given deadline of 15 months. With this success, Eversheds Sutherland is now looking to migrate their servers from a secondary datacenter to Azure while modernizing their applications. Eversheds was flipped from an ACA target in FY20 with the projected 12-month Azure consumption of $1Million.


The Solution: Delivering Value with Microsoft Azure

Eversheds Sutherland had been trying to adopt agile for their organization from past many months and were failing at it. Eversheds Sutherland benefited from SNP Technologies working closely with their organizational process and agile approach. Further, the migration enabled Eversheds Sutherland to successfully set up a business continuity solution for their enterprise. Eversheds Sutherland was also able to move the capital expenditure to operational expenditure to enjoy a more efficient cost model.   

In the engagement, SNP helped Eversheds Sutherland to deploy and configure multiple ExpressRoute circuits to their on-premises Data Centers to facilitate few migration activities and post migration connectivity to Azure from secondary datacenter. SNP also deployed and configured a complex network architecture in Azure using multiple Palo Alto firewalls VMs scale sets to facilitate inbound connections and to force traffic through external hub firewalls for deep inspection and SNP helped Eversheds Sutherland migrate their VPN solution from their on-premises Data Center to Azure.  


SNP delivered an independent, isolated, and application-consistent backup architecture for reduced restoration time and quick return to running state. Both in-transit and at-rest data were encrypted. Azure backup was enabled for VMs hosted on Azure, SQL Server on Azure VM, and Azure File Share. Recovery Services vaults were used for short-term and long-term data retention, and alerts were set up with built-in monitoring and alerting capabilities. Overall, the SNP solution built on Microsoft Azure is scalable and repeatable with high degree of automation for rapid deployment, agility, and consistency.


“I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the SNP team on the project. The depth and breadth of knowledge within SNP are second to none. Ravi and Erica from the SNP team have been amazing from start to finish. Their understanding of the subject matter, attention to detail, dedication, and persistence have been on point throughout the project. I look forward to future projects/engagements”. Says Mark Janus, Director of Technology, Engineering & Operations at Eversheds Sutherland


To get Eversheds Sutherland production ready, SNP leveraged multiple technologies such Movere and Azure Migrate for on-premises infrastructure assessment, Azure Migrate for Lift & Shift migration, Azure blob storage and Azure files, Azure Databox for initial upload of 150 TB related to 8 servers to Azure Files, Azure Files sync for delta sync followed by Azure databox, Azure ExpressRoute. Palo Alto virtual firewall appliances and CISCO virtual firewall appliances, Azure backup for VM backup, File & Folder backup and SQL database backup, Azure site recovery for disaster recovery of business application infrastructure, Azure CLI/ARM Templates for infrastructure deployment, Availability sets, Availability zones, Load balancers, application gateways, Azure front door.

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