Top 5 Azure Cognitive Services for your Applications

Microsoft’s cloud-based platform Azure has helped many businesses expand while reducing costs associated with hosting and storing data and applications in the cloud. SNP Technologies leverages AI-based cognitive services to add intelligence, automation and search capabilities to your applications. And by adding easy to use APIs (application program interfaces), machine learning algorithms and real-time computing, SNP can help you build powerful intelligence within your applications to trigger natural and contextual interactions with features like facial recognition, speech recognition, emotion detection, and speech and language understanding.

Here are the top five most popular Azure cognitive services and how they help your business grow:

1. Vision This is a Microsoft Cognitive Service to build custom image classifiers. Custom Vision makes it easier and faster to build, deploy and improve image classifiers with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This service features facial analysis, handwriting recognition, optical character recognition (OCR) from images and real-time video analyses.

2. Speech Through Azure’s speech cognitive services API, you can integrate speech processing capabilities into any app or service. So, regardless of speech style, geography or technical term, the application allows users to recognize everything that’s spoken and transcribe the text accordingly.

3. Language Language and context-based meaning are two of the most important features that define communication. Through the cognitive services language API, you can develop apps that understand a wide variety of text.

4. Knowledge Azure’s cognitive services offer some of the most comprehensive and accurate database creation and search tools available. The knowledge API can leverage or create resources to be integrated into apps and services with several other capabilities. For instance, a Q&A service can be used to scan vast amounts of content and text and quickly extract the most relevant information. So, no matter the question, you’re bound to find the answers you’re seeking.

5. Search Search helps users find what they need while searching through billions of web pages, videos, news search, and images. Leveraging Bing, cognitive services employ powerful AI-powered algorithms capable of searching, comparing results, and summoning only those that are relevant to your inquiry.

Microsoft Azure has a wide range of intelligent AI-powered services, each designed to accommodate various needs. Through this, you can create systems that can see, hear, speak and understand people in their own natural language and use the same communication method to relate to them.

Interested in incorporating Azure Cognitive Services into your next app? Let us assist you! Contact SNP here.


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