Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory - Seamless, Secure Identity and Access Management

June 23, 2018 | By Jatinder Virdee

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps you manage user identities and create intelligence-driven access policies to secure your resources. As an integral component of Office 365, Azure and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Azure AD centralizes identity and access management to enable deep security, productivity, and management across devices, data, apps, and infrastructure.

GDPR Compliant

10 Top Frequently Asked Questions About GDPR

June 14, 2018 | By Jatinder Virdee

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforced on May 25, 2018, SNP has put together a list of the top 10 FAQs for GDPR to check how well your plans are shaping up.

Cloud Security, Secure Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Grade Security for your Cloud Applications

May 23, 2018 | By Sachin Parikh

Many organizations are moving to the cloud to increase flexibility for employees and reduce overall IT costs, keeping security as paramount for critical data.

Azure Site Recovery

What is Azure Site Recovery?

May 17, 2018 | By Sachin Parikh

Azure Site Recovery, an underlying technology of Operations Management Suite, helps protect the critical applications running in your datacenter with flexible recovery plans and low RPOs (recovery point objectives)/RTOs (recovery time objectives).

GDPR Compliance

Enabling GDPR Compliance through Data Governance

May 10, 2018 | By Jatinder Virdee

Data governance is a means of creating policies related to data, including how and where it is stored and sent, who has access to it and to what level and which actions can be performed on the data—by whom and when—using which methods, and under what circumstances.