About the Customer

Innocor, Inc is a recognised national manufacturer of polyurethane foam products. For over 45 years, their innovations in foam have served as the core of their customers’ products- enabling advances in comfort, support and quality. They operate in 22 facilities in America where their foam is manufactured & products are assembled with the highest standards for quality & safety.


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The SNP Solution

Customer Benefits

Business Challenge

Innocor, Inc was using one ADFS and one WAP server for their Office 365 Single Sign-on. They needed a highly available ADFS infrastructure for their users in their corporate offices & remote locations and to manage outage in their datacenters. Innocor Inc., engaged SNP Technologies to plan and deploy a high availability ADFS single sign-on infrastructure with Microsoft Azure. SNP implemented the solution in 5 phases:

Phase 1: Discovery & Assessment:

• SNP performed an assessment to understand the client’s existing ADFS & Active Directory forest configuration.

• SNP also assessed Innocor’s current IP network, IP Schema and VPN devices of the two datacenters' in Red Bank New Jersey & West Chicago.

• SNP presented a detailed documentation of the implementation plan with schema and design built into the solution.

Phase 2: Infrastructure Deployment on Azure: SNP deployed the required Azure workloads to establish the ADFS infrastructure with the below components:

• Network components – virtual network, VPN gateway, Network security groups, VPN configuration on Azure VPN Gateway

• Storage components – Azure storage for ADFS infrastructure

• Virtual machines – Azure VMs for ADFS HA servers & domain controllers

• Backup- Recovery services vault for infrastructure backup

• Internal & External load balancers

Phase 3: ADFS & Active Directory Configuration:

• Configured ADFS servers using the client’s existing ADFS farm.