About the Customer

FLEXcon is a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used in graphics applications, manufactured goods and new products. For nearly 65 years, FLEXcon has provided a collaborative, consultative approach to deliver unique solutions that help customers achieve better business results. FLEXcon is a trusted partner to a wide range of companies from printers and fabricators to engineers and designers developing products for existing and emerging markets.

Location: United States

Industry: Plastic/ Manufacturing

No. of employees: 1001-5001

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Business Challenge

Flexcon engaged SNP Technologies to establish a strong framework in Microsoft Azure enabling Flexcon to expand their use of cloud computing resources in a safe and secure manner over time. Flexcon is looking to achieve the following goals: 

  • Establish a secure, reliable framework in Microsoft Azure that enables future growth  

  • Migrate 2 Windows Server 2008 web servers to  Azure to take advantage of the free security update offer from Microsoft 

The SNP Solution

Post evaluation, SNP implemented the below services:

Activity 1 – Azure Governance 

SNP implemented Azure Governance in collaboration with the Flexcon team which included:

  • Subscription management following best practices. 
  • Implement RBAC for fine-grained access management of Azure resources 
  • Implement Azure Policies for to follow the Organization standards and requirements 
  • Blueprints to identify templates for quick, repeatable implementation of resources. 
  • Azure Resource Graph for implementing and providing query’s for analyzing cloud inventory across Azure  

Activity 2 – Hybrid Connectivity 

  • SNP established connectivity from Azure to Remote Offices 
  • Validated Network IP schema used at datacenter and remote Offices. 
  • Provided a design for Networking and connectivity between Azure, Datacenter and Remote Office (If any).  
  • Network Components: Virtual network, Firewall (If Required), network security groups.  
  • IP Schema Configuration: Configure the IP schema configurations in Azure virtual network and define subnets. 
  • Custom user defined routes: Configure the custom user defined routes for traffic flow from backend networks to on-premises datacenter and remote offices.  
  • VPN Gateway – Deploy VPN Gateway to establish Site to Site VPN connection between Flexcon DC and Azure 
  • Testing of connectivity between Azure, remote offices and datacenter 

Activity 3 – Azure Unified Security and Operations 

SNP worked with Flexcon to deploy and configure foundational security and operations tools for providing unified security and operations management capabilities 

  • Deploy and Configure Azure Security Center
  • Configure security policies for compute and apps, network and data, which provide capabilities, such as:
    • Security state across cloud workloads 
    • Continuously monitoring the security of compute, networks and azure services with built-in security assessments
    • Actionable security recommendations to remediate issues before exploited 
    • Adaptive threat protection to reduce  

Activity 4: Hybrid Identity  

SNP reviewed Flexcon’s current environment and configured Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). 

  • Discovery and Assessment of existing Active Directory forest 
  • SNP will configure Multi-Factor Authentication for the user group, who access the azure platform for various operational and development needs.
  • SNP will create a pilot Azure user group to test MFA 
  • SNP will work with point of contact finalizing the MFA method to apply  

Activity 5 – Configured Azure Front Door Service 

  • SNP configured the Azure Front Door to accept application traffic and load balancer based on the requirement 
  • Identify the application Traffic Flow  
  • Identify the backend pools and HTTP policies (If Any) 
  • SNP will deploy and configure Front Door on Azure  
  • Configure Frontend host for Front Door  
  • Defining Application backend and backend pools  
  • Adding routing rule  
  • SNP will collaborate with Flexcon Team for the deployment of WAF (Web Application Firewall) on Azure with defined Virtual network and Network security groups and configure policies based on requirements.  
  • Testing of connectivity through Azure Front Door 

Activity 6: Web Server Migration  

SNP performed the discovery and assessment of the existing web servers and the Azure environment  before deploying any required infrastructure, testing connectivity and performing the migration of the identified servers. 

  • VM compatibility with Azure Site Recovery (ASR), which will be used for migration 
  • Azure infrastructure requirements 
  • On-premises infrastructure requirements 
  • Review requirements and prerequisite for VMWare hosts and guest VMs 
  • Verify internet access from VMWare hosts and guest VMs 
  • Azure Readiness and Workload Deployment 
  • Azure and On-premises DR Solution Connectivity Testing
  • Replicate the Virtual Servers to Azure
  • Test Failover of Servers
  • Migration 

Customer Benefits

  • Innovation: Flexcon is now focused on business innovation with fully managed service like Azure SQL Database, Azure App Services, Azure API Management, etc.
  • Cost-saving: Leveraging Azure, Flexcon now has a consumption based pricing model, that helps reduce their on-premise infrastructure costs.
  • Security and Compliance: Flexcon's data is protected by the latest security mechanisms. It also meets required industry and regional compliance requirements with having the most compliance certifications by any cloud provider.
  • Agility: Flexcon's infrastructure is now more agile in terms of deployment, operation, and scalability.