About the Customer

Headquartered in New Jersey, the client is a leading provider of bulk freight shipping services throughout the Great Lakes region. With its subsidiaries, the company operates a fleet of 10 self-unloading bulk carriers, including right river class vessels and one river class integrated barge unit and three conventional bulk carriers operating under a contract of affreightment.


Hybrid Environment

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Network

Azure Active Directory

Azure Storage

Azure SQL Databases

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Security Centre

Azure Backup Server

Operations Management Suite

Azure Managed Services


Business Challenge

  • A remote on-premise data center running on Hyper-V clusters had scalability and uptime challenges. 
  • Insufficient bandwidth for replication, data transfer and potential downtime for production VMs running business operations. 
  • High CAPEX incurred to manage expensive legacy hardware.
  • The client needed a new centralized infrastructure with a multi-site global presence in a short turnaround time.
  • The customer needed a cost-effective solution for its development and staging environments.
  • A seamless backup solution was needed.

The SNP Solution

  • The customer engaged SNP Technologies to migrate its on-premise infrastructure running on Hyper-V clusters to Microsoft Azure.
  • SNP implemented a hybrid environment on Microsoft Azure, leveraging Azure Site Recovery to migrate the client’s virtual machines from an on-premise Hyper-V host to Azure. 
  • SNP designed the DR solution with advanced capabilities, including low risk, low downtime, seamless replication, and production environment effectiveness and efficiency.
  • SNP verified the applications and roles being performed by the on-premise servers to provide the best options for migrating to virtual machines.
  • Development and staging environments were built on the fly.
  • SNP deployed the Virtual Network, Subnetting, and Azure Storage Services on Azure as a part of preparing the Azure Infrastructure.
  • SNP implemented multi-site VPNs for the client’s remote offices, ensuring Azure is the central site running their infrastructure. 
  • SNP Implemented the Azure Site Recovery services and created recovery plans. 
  • Automation run-books with recovery plans were applied for minimal RTO.
  • Replicated the virtual machines that needed to be migrated from the data center.
  • Performed IP mapping between multi-tier application servers.
  • Prepared failover batches, and executed the failover based on defined timelines.
  • Migrated the infrastructure to achieve RTO and RPO specifications.
  • Leveraged recovery services as a backup solution for images and applications.
  • Azure Security Center was utilized as a part of Azure Security Implementation.
  • SNP’s pre-built solutions were used for operational insights, log analysis and automated assessments of the infrastructure based on industry best practices.
  • Deployed Azure managed services for incident management, advanced insights, and optimization management.

Customer Benefits

  • The hybrid approach gave the customer the ease to move its entire infrastructure to Azure in one go without any interruptions on an ongoing basis.
  • Security and data protection was enhanced by leveraging network security groups along with virtual networks, subnets, and computers.
  • With multi-site VPNs, Azure is the central hub for hosting the server infrastructure required by the client’s various remote offices to manage day to day operations.
  • Azure Backup helped the client back up all its workloads faster, more cost effectively and more securely.
  • On-demand scalable infrastructure.