About the Customer

Based in New York, the customer is the world’s first managed data service provider to investment managers and asset owners worldwide. The company delivers cloud-based services that help its clients reduce the cost of managing financial data while lowering operational risk.


Azure Site Recovery
Azure Virtual Network
Azure Storage
Azure Automation Run-book
Azure Load Balancers
Express Route

Business Challenge

The customer intends to migrate its DR site from AWS to Azure, so it engaged SNP to deploy a DR solution with Azure Site Recovery. 

The SNP Solution

SNP worked closely with the client’s team to understand their existing data center architecture and virtualization platform, then: 

  • Performed a data center assessment with automated assessment solutions and provided the customer with a DR strategy with application dependencies.
  • Worked with the customer to understand their automation requirements for the multi-tier application during startup to bring the application online with minimal recovery time.
  • Deployed the Azure Virtual Network and Storage resources on Azure as per the identified requirements in the plan.
  • Set up the express route circuit from the colocation data center.
  • Tested the network connectivity between colocation and Azure services.
  • Deployed and configured the Azure Site Recovery Services for the Hyper-V cluster environments in the colocation data center.
  • Prepared the recovery plans to meet the recovery point objectives (RPO) of the customer’s business needs.
  • Leveraged the Azure Automation run-books to minimize manual effort during failover and improve the infrastructure recovery time.
  • Implemented the DR replication for the client’s on-premise infrastructure using Azure Site Recovery
  • Performed test failovers, planned failovers and failbacks as a part of testing the DR solution and for measuring the efficiency of the solution to bring the business application online in an acceptable recovery time during disaster cases.

Customer Benefits

  • Seamless disaster recovery solution with Azure Site Recovery services
  • Improved the recovery time leveraging the Azure Automation Runbooks with Recovery Plans
  • Lowered disaster recovery costs, as compute resources are only added during failover.
  • Enabled DR process transparency and visibility with proper logs
  • Achieved guaranteed business continuity against unforeseen disasters.