About the Customer

The customer is a recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry with a mission is to provide the right care, at the right time in the right setting, using the right resources. St. Vincent’s Health Partners values efficient, cost-effective, quality healthcare so that patients can embrace and enjoy healthier lives. Currently, they support patient care through 140+ care transitions, through care coordination at the enterprise level and facilitate case management at the patient level through reinforcement of the patient-provider relationship.



Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Hive Storage

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure HDInsight

Tableau Business

Intelligence Blob Storage


Business Challenge

  • The client's Informatics Team spent 80% of their time aggregating and normalizing the data and 20% of their time analyzing the data. They needed a data warehouse solution which would help them normalize all their data in the shortest time going forward. 
  • With the data being ingested from various insurance payer accounts, they needed a solution which would help them manage new data requests at a quick turnaround time, with built-in scalability to handle large datasets.
  • A solution that would help the client generate reports in different formats of .xls, slsx, .xml. CSV and text, which were to be grouped into various subject areas.
  • A major challenge of interoperability was each dataset addressed an entity of the payers’ current business and each payer required its own set of reports.
  • An integral part of this data warehouse solution would be to provide an efficient and effective way for the SVHP team to obtain detailed reporting and alleviate any technical and staffing challenges.
  • Additionally, the solution should provide real-time data analysis and predictive analytics to enhance operational efficiency and productivity of their network.

The SNP Solution

  • SNP proposed a data warehousing solution for the client, which was entirely based on the Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) services.
  • Using the Agile methodology and scrum process for execution, the client's team had insight, visibility, and input into the solution in the early stages of development.
  • The solution was designed to allow users to configure source data as an input for any xls, slsx, .xml. CSV, txt etc., row data file from various sources (payer contracts) to a centralized warehouse. 
  • Users could now map the required fields for data warehousing and populate data in dimensions and fact tables to generate reports using BI tools like Tableau.
  • Data transformation was configured using a layer of Hive, which facilitated the semi-structured data storage and processing.

Customer Benefits

  • SNP’s proposed solutions use a configurable approach which is based on the concept of reusable components. The code written for one Payer Contract will work across all Payer Contracts, this allowed SNP to use their time effectively and the customer gets a projected savings of $100,000-plus a year for the first 3 years.
  • With the entire solution built on Azure, the customer gets a centralized, cloud-based data warehouse to query, join and access incongruent data collected from multiple sources that were initially not supported.
  • All the errors in the transformation phase were logged into Blob storage and email notifications were sent based on the configuration settings which were not in place earlier.
  • By automating the data ingestion process, the team now spends 10% of their time aggregating and normalizing data and 90% of their time analyzing the data. This efficiency gain will be critical in helping to identify, track, trend and produce information for the CIN physicians to help support their work at the point of patient care.
  • Hive storage assisted the SNP team to compress the size of the customer's historical data by 25% - reducing their overall operational costs significantly.
  • SNP’s customized algorithm is written with a single code, which can manage data and generate operational reports in most formats, across multiple versions of formatted files - i.e. .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .xml etc.