About the Customer

The customer is the world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection system applications. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, flotation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries.


Azure Active Directory

SQL Storage


Office 365

Enterprise Mobility + Security


Business Challenge

The client wanted to update and migrate their existing on-premise data center and aging Infrastructure to the cloud. 


The SNP Solution

  • As a part of its data center assessment, SNP provided a clear strategy for leveraging a hybrid Infrastructure.
  • SNP worked with the customer to identify critical business applications such as Active Directory, DNS and other propriety applications necessary to create a modernized data center in the Cloud.
  • SNP migrated the customer’s Exchange infrastructure with geographical users to Office 365 
  • SNP leveraged Azure Virtual Network and Azure storage services based on the design plan of Azure hybrid cloud.
  • SNP configured a multi site VPN for various customer location across the globe.
  • As a part of the network design, SNP implemented Virtual Network peering to avoid latency between geolocations connecting the Azure infrastructure. 
  • SNP consolidated the current application infrastructure.
  • SNP expanded Active Directory and DNS to Azure IaaS.
  • SNP migrated the customer’s line of business application with MSSQL backend to Azure.
  • SNP leveraged the Recovery Services on Azure for seamless backups of the infrastructure running on Azure.
  • SNP leveraged Azure Security Center.
  • SNP added cloud managed services for incident management, advanced insights and optimization management.

Customer Benefits

  • Using a hybrid approach for the client’s infrastructure enabled them to migrate their infrastructure at one go without any interruptions.
  • Enhanced network security was achieved with Azure network security groups, a virtual network, subnets, and computers.
  • The multi site VPN made Azure the central hub for hosting the customer’s infrastructure server and provides secure access to the client’s remote offices.
  • The customer now has a single solution for backing up workloads on Azure; plus, it’s less expensive, more secure and faster than its previous backup solution and offers longer retentions.
  • The solution required no upfront investment on data center hardware.
  • The new data center platform is scalable on demand and it offers easy and efficient storage management.
  • The client incurs zero management and maintenance costs for Exchange servers.
  • The customer now has improved security and governance across people, data, and devices with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) suite.