About the Customer

A leading multinational corporation (MNC) with offices around the globe


Azure AD Connect

Office 365 – Hybrid Deployment


Business Challenge

The customer’s environment had two domain controllers, three exchange servers and a load balancer. They needed a solution to:

  • Migrate its infrastructure to O365 without hampering network bandwidth or interrupting daily operations.

  • Deploy Azure Active Directory Connect to manage users.

  • Enhance network bandwidth.

  • Set up a hybrid deployment.

The SNP Solution

The customer had around 10,000 users, three quarters of which (i.e., 7,500) had mailboxes. To accommodate such a large group, SNP performed a hybrid deployment to migrate all the mailboxes to Office 365, including:

  • Manually creating users, groups and contacts in Office 365.

  • Installing Azure AD Connect to sync AD objects with the Cloud environment, which was a major prerequisite of the hybrid deployment.

  • Migrating mailboxes outside normal business hours and performing bulk migrations on the weekends to ensure no production was hampered during the week.

Business Benefits

  • No interruption to the organization, including no productivity and network bandwidth compromises.

  • Post migration, users could check status (e.g., available, busy) of the users in current environment for calendar sharing and meetings.

  • Synchronization of on-premises directory objects with Office 365 to manage users on-premises.

  • Single sign-on for federated identity so that users have the same password on-premises and in the cloud, and they don’t have to sign in again to use Office 365.