About the Customer

A leading research company with more than 25 years’ experience and clients throughout the world. The client has a team of 200+ employees with client relationships spanning more than a decade, and it provides insight solutions to more than 250,000 study participants each year — on time and on a budget.

Products & Services

Azure PaaS
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Storage
Azure Virtual Network

VPN Connectivity
Azure Resource Manager
Azure Classic
Hybrid Cloud


Business Challenge

The client was previously hosting its VMs, Azure virtual network and a virtual network gateway, and Azure storage accounts on Azure classic. Their teams were migrating workloads to the Azure Resource Manager one by one, which was a tedious and time-consuming process. The client needed a solution that would allow them to migrate multiple workloads simultaneously to the Azure Resource Manager portal.

The SNP Solution

SNP’s engineers created an automation engine on Azure PaaS to migrate the client's workloads from the classic APIs to Azure ARM APIs. The client can now provision the resource parameters of each workload in one click.

Customer Benefits

  • With ARM, resources can be deployed instantly on Azure through a single click, installing the components on a multi-node cluster within minutes.
  • A simple to use, customized portal to deploy, manage and monitor all their resources as a group rather than individually.
  • With a ready-made PaaS infrastructure, the client can repeatedly and confidently deploy our automation engine throughout the development lifecycle knowing all resources are deployed in a consistent state.
  • Enhanced security, including control over who has access to specific actions and information within their organization.