About the Customer

A leading technology company, providing Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solutions and services to life sciences and related industries. The company focuses on three strategic lines of business that include Integrated Regulatory Solutions, Business Process Consulting and Technology, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Azure Automation Runbooks

Customized PowerShell Scripts


Business Challenge

  • The client needed an automation platform to better utilize their Azure workloads on demand and shut down virtual machines (VMs) during off-hours.
  • They also needed a new infrastructure to manage customer images and customer VHDs.

The SNP Solution

  • SNP leveraged Azure Automation runbook to schedule the start-up and shutdown time of the customer’s Azure VMs. We also implemented multiple, granular power schedules for their VMs through customized PowerShell scripts. Once the runbooks were in place, we defined the schedule tags in the resource groups and the runbook would automatically shut down the VMs when not in use.
  • SNP designed customized tools to leverage the client’s Azure ARM PowerShell in the backend of the new infrastructure using customer images and VHD files provided on-demand by their developers and IT Ops teams.

Customer Benefits

  • By scheduling the start-up and shut-down time of VMs, the client drastically saved on compute charges.
  • The company saved 30% costs on Azure by controlling the infrastructure through scripts.
  • The client gained the flexibility to schedule runbook in any time zone.
  • Targeted email notifications empower the client to monitor various deployment attributes and take necessary action when required.
  • Simple code free setup.