About the Customer

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, commonly known as "LP", is an American building materials manufacturer. It was founded in 1973 and is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. LP pioneered the U.S. production of oriented strand board panels.

Location:United States

Industry: Manufacturing/ Building Materials

No: of employees: 1001-5000

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Cloud Adoption Framework

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Business Challenge

Initially interested in leveraging the cloud to streamline business operation, Louisiana Pacific’s urgency was increased by the COVID-19 pandemic. Louisiana Pacific then engaged SNP Technologies to implement an Azure Framework engagement along with a Windows Virtual Desktops proof of concept environment to test the performance of their business applications running on newly deployed windows virtual desktops and to verify the suitability of WVD for the organization.

During the delivery of the WVD engagement, Louisiana Pacific Corporation requested SNP services for additional Migration POC Activities. SNP setup Azure Migrate infrastructure required to migrate standalone servers to Azure using Lift & Shift model.

The SNP Solution

SNP’s team of experts analyzed the requirements of the client by conducting a detailed assessment where actionable information related to various processes and methodologies were identified in areas such as Technological Infrastructure, Technology Stack, Software Licensing, Data Transformation, and Security. After a comprehensive analysis process, SNP proposed cloud-based architecture on Azure that would be relevant for their business requirements. The solution also considered the security considerations, backups, and archival plans. SNP is now working with Louisiana Pacific on a data analytics project.

Customer Benefits

After a successful implementation of the solution, the following benefits were achieved:

  • Overall, the  Cloud Assessment Framework helped Louisiana Pacific reduced the involved risks, accelerate user adoption and lower the total cost of IT investments in their entire cloud management lifecycle.
  • Louisiana Pacific can now reliably deliver the same user experience to users in remote locations and users working from home due to the pandemic.
  • Louisiana Pacific is now ready to migrate workloads to Azure as required.
  • Leveraging Azure, Louisiana Pacific now has a reliable technological framework for better decision-making by the management.
  • Over all user experience was improved with the FSLogix+Azure files solution for WVD

SNP worked with our cloud services team to build out a framework for deploying, maintaining, and auditing devices, features, and services in Microsoft Azure. The engagement lasted 12 weeks and included sessions on governance, reporting, server migration, and Windows Virtual Desktop. We are extremely pleased with the professionalism with which SNP conducted the engagement and are very happy with the results. In particular our Windows Virtual Desktop pilot has been very  successful and we are already looking to deploy the service in production.

Adam Polo, IT Architect, Louisiana Pacific