About the Customer

The client is a world-renowned product and services manufacturing company.


Azure IaaS

Azure PaaS

Azure Linux VMs

LAMP Stack

Azure AppInsight

Azure CDN


Drupal CMS

MySQL Database

Varnish Cache

Azure Blob Storage

Log Analysis

Azure Managed Services




Business Challenge

With the anticipated growth in traffic to the client's website during promotional campaigns, their existing website performance was being negatively impacted by the site’s slow performance during peak-usage days. Purchasing the compute, storage, and associated resources required to support these peaks was not a healthy option as it would impose a sizable cost burden on the fledgling business, and risk these resources being underused during non-peak periods.

To ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee online sales revenue, the client needed to ensure their website was functional always, and could scale with significant levels of traffic during peak shopping periods and to the demands of marketing campaigns, at the same time provide high availability and load balancing to handle around 50K + new user sessions on a regular basis. The overall solution had to maintain high-security standards around the server infrastructure and the hosted content.

The SNP Solution

SNP proposed hosting the client's new website on the Microsoft Azure Platform. Our team of Drupal specialists and Azure architects worked closely with the client's web team to design and deploy the new Drupal Website - applying SNP’s Agile Project Methodology which included risk evaluation and a readiness plan to anticipate problems before they eventuate or post launch, keeping security as paramount. 

Harnessing our expertise in the e-commerce environment, SNP designed and implemented a system that would integrate into the monitoring platform to automatically scale the required Azure architecture depending on web traffic –drastically, reducing the company's hosting costs.

We incorporated the DevOps principles at each stage of the project lifecycle, which gave us continuous feedback and an opportunity to further enhance the solution keeping key parameters like high uptime, performance, scalability, reliability, stability, and security on high priority which were critical to the client's business. With the ability of Log Analysis, issues were identified and resolved at early stages proactively.

SNP also enabled Azure managed services for their Open-Source platform running on Azure IaaS and PaaS (combinations) ensuring high uptime and highest possible performance always. 

Gaining deeper insights on a regular basis into various workloads like Azure Linux VM's, Application Gateway, Azure File Storage and Azure Blob Storage for functionality, performance, stability and load balancing helped us further optimize their production environment and scale Azure resources for the client as and when required. Content delivery solutions like Azure CDN helped distribute content and improve the overall site performance while optimizing LAMP stack and code helped improve the response time

Customer Benefits

  • Today, with a new improved website built on Drupal and on a flexible open cloud platform with Azure, the client experiences a visible improvement in the performance and rendering of data in comparison to the old website.
  • Stressful maintenance procedures have been eliminated by automating the process of scaling their infrastructure to support demand peaks without manual intervention, thereby giving them a more scalable, manageable and a cost-effective solution. This also helped them save hundreds of hours in infrastructure maintenance and overall improving the user experience.
  • What is even more impressive, the client observed 100,000+ user sessions with zero performance issues on a campaign day reflecting the stability and performance of the site on Microsoft Azure.