About the Customer

Surgical Information Systems

Surgical Information Systems (SIS) serves the needs of nearly 3,000 surgical facilities in over 10,000 operating rooms across the United States and Canada. Their deep understanding of surgical services has allowed SIS to develop proven solutions and services that improve the financial, operational, and clinical performance of those they serve.

Location: United States

Industry: Healthcare

No. of employees: 201-500

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Cloud Adoption Framework

Azure PaaS

Azure DevOps

Azure App Service – Web App

Azure App Service – API App

Azure Functions

Azure SQL managed Instance

Event Hub

ARM Templates

Azure Network

Azure Cosmos DB


Azure Monitors

Application Insights

Azure Log Analytics

Azure Governance & Blueprints

Azure RBAC

Azure Front door Services

Azure Active Directory


Business Challenge

After years of steady growth,SIS faced aging IT infrastructure that limited its ability to scale & innovate.To support expansion,increase agility & reduce management complexity,SIS realized the need to migrate their SIS Complete Software Application and their existing IT estate from a classic Data Centre architecture to Azure.

SIS’s estate consists of both internal and external web apps with database backends,domain controllers,CI/CD deployment tools & file servers.Typically,SIS would engage their traditional SI’s for help,however following an engagement with SNP, SIS saw the benefits of working with a multi-cloud consulting & managed service provider.SIS appreciated knowledge & attention that SNP offered to support their needs.Following a PoC,SIS saw the benefits of Azure as their apps & databases could run on PaaS & their CI/CD deployment tools inherently integrated to Azure seamlessly.

The SNP Solution

Migration & Modernization from SIS Data Centers to Azure for Increased Agility,Security & Scalability

SNP started with CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) which focused on foundation elements of Azure - GovernanceSecurityNetworking, and Identity. With CAF, SNP defined the baseline policies for Governance and Security to establish discipline across Azure and provided a scalable, modular approach to build out SIS’ environment.

  • The SIS Complete application had large amounts of traffic and hence needed a strong network control, resilience and visibility.
  • Networking best practices were required to manage internet traffic within the application, logical segmentation of virtual networks with controlled routing with NSG’s and HADR design to optimize uptime and performance were followed.
  • Leveraging Azure Frontdoor, SNP added an additional layer of security and traffic orchestration for SIS Application.
  • SNP performed Azure resource deployment, configuration and testing in collaboration with SIS staff to promote SIS’ understanding of its Azure environment. 

Working in conjunction with Microsoft, SNP was able to demonstrate the management and ease of deployment benefits of migrating to Microsoft Azure. In addition to functionality, Microsoft’s SQL blackbelt team successfully proved that SIS would enjoy on-going cost benefits from their initial investment in Microsoft.

The SNP solution is scalable & repeatable where DevOps principles are leveraged & automated at all stages from code development to code releases. Automated Build & CI is enabled with Azure DevOps whenever there is a code merge.Further, templated environments for all flavors of IaaS & PaaS allows SIS to deploy complex
infrastructure with one click.This way they can smoothly migrate what they have today& start enabling their apps for running production environments on PaaS infrastructure.

Customer Benefits

The smooth migration from an inelastic data centre to the Azure Platform as a Service means the SIS team no
longer needs to worry about their infrastructure.SIS can now rapidly deploy an arbitrary number of environments
quickly, easily & consistently when using Azure ARM Templates feature.SIS has seen significant enhancement in the speed & efficiency of its software App along with other benefits like:

  • SIS now maintains a fully automated migration process without any data loss, with cost management capabilities and full transparency on the process, enabling SIS to reap significant TCO benefits.
  • SNP is now working with SIS on building out a DevOps Maturity Model to address their application estate
  • SIS has benefitted from Azure PaaS with HADR architecture which has greatly enhanced the hosting architecture by providing 99.99% SLA
  • Management of Web and SQL clusters is no longer needed eliminating overhead management; SIS can now design solutions which can now scale 1000+ customers with ease
  • SIS has achieved end-to-end automation of app hosting, delivering new features within minutes/hours rather than weeks
  • Azure Unified Security to achieve protection from DDoS, Layer 7 protection for Apps
  • Advanced monitoring of workloads & Apps running on Azure
  • Single database or Elastic Pool options based on the business needs


During & after the migration, SIS realized the transformative impact SNP delivered on their business.

Bobby Roberts, Sr.VP Development states“SNP has proven to be a true partner in helping us migrate to Azure.They understood not only our apps & environments, but our struggles too.SNP is helping us innovate on Azure in new and creative ways.They are easy to work with and have become an extension of our team.Their communication has been clear and timely, ensuring that we understood the why as well as the what.We are excited about the direction we are headed.SNP is more than just a Microsoft partner; they've become OUR partner"