About the Customer

Yale School of Medicine was founded in 1810, making it the sixth oldest medical school in the United States. Today, more than 1,200 Yale physicians provide care to patients from across the region and around the world, and Yale School of Medicine is widely regarded as a world-renowned center for biomedical research, education and advanced healthcare.

Yale School of Medicine

The SNP Partnership

SNP has worked with Yale School of Medicine as their trusted cloud partner since 2016. SNP delivers Azure Managed Services to the school and has designed and implemented various IT infrastructure projects to drive cost efficiencies and support the schools’ vision.

The SNP Azure Managed Solution

SNP delivered a complete Azure Managed Services to Yale School of Medicine, which enabled SNP to take care of all aspects of Yale School of Medicine's service and allowed the school’s leadership team to focus on delivering the college strategy and vision.


The Azure Managed Services include:


1. Remote Monitoring & Incident Management:

SNP provides email notifications to ensure any major incidents are alerted and resolved before affecting YSM’s operations. If a critical instance arises, we inform YSM’s technical engineers for on-site additional support and the plan of action to resolve these issues.


2. Reporting with Advanced Insights:


  • Executive Reports — Contain the overall monitoring data on how the resources are performing over a month and how the health of the resource is affected. They also provide information on the availability of different services for each server.
  • PaaS Summary Reports — Provides insights into how the PaaS model is performing monthly and summarizes the performance for each PaaS resource included in the Managed Services.
  • IaaS Summary Reports — Provides monthly performance insights on the resources/servers which are built on the IaaS model.


3. Patch Management:

Every managed server is patched with the most critical and secure patches to prevent attacks. SNP tests the security and critical updates on our test server and if there are no issues in applying the update, we approve the patches to be installed on production servers. Also, we will make sure the server is backed up before doing patching to ensure the production environment is protected.


4. Resolution based on Monitoring data:

As servers have multiple applications/services installed on them, there are bound to be some issues from time to time. We identify and quickly resolve them by applying our expertise and best remediation practices.


5. Security Assessment:

SNP performs extensive security assessments on any servers on boarded into the Managed Services program to mitigate the risk of viruses, malware and other exploits and vulnerabilities.


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