Power BI is now available on Microsoft’s 3 Sovereign National Clouds

Submitted by superadmin on Tue, 05/16/2017 - 01:30

In our last blog, one of the benefits we listed with Microsoft Power BI is that it’s available on three national clouds. So, what exactly does this mean for your organization? 

In addition to its global network of data centers, Microsoft cloud services are available in three separate national cloud data centers. Each cloud environment comprises physical and logical network-isolated instances of Microsoft enterprise cloud services, which are confined within the geographic borders of specific countries and operated by local personnel. 

Cloud for Data Center Efficiency, Performance and Availability

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Data centers deliver critical services for businesses. Trying to maximize design efficiency in a data center can be a challenge, however, and focusing only on power and cooling strategies is short-sighted. There are other efficiencies that enhance a data center’s ability to cost effectively adapt to business strategy changes and increased computing demand. 

A data center solution should be designed with five key goals:

Top 8 Continuous Integration Tools

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Continuous Integration is being used in Agile release management to speed the time to delivery of software updates without sacrificing quality. It’s a practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository, which is verified by an automated build, allowing teams to locate and detect errors more easily.

With integrations occurring so frequently, there is significantly less back-tracking to discover where things went wrong, so developers can spend more time building features.

8 Ways Data Analytics Can Improve Your Business

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Today, demand forecasts are the foundation of many business decisions. With data production predicted to increase 44 times between 2009 and 2020, there’s a huge opportunity to expand our perspectives regarding factors influencing and driving demand, as well as identifying patterns by which data driven business decisions can be made. 

Here are eight ways data analytics can improve your business:

Define your Ideal Customer:

Top 7 Reasons Why your Business Needs Open-Source

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Contention between Open-Source groups freely releasing code and commercial vendors capitalizing on proprietary products started the minute software became a profit-generating industry. Unlike proprietary software, which oftentimes is difficult to customize and integrate with other software applications, open source software is made available publicly for free so that others can view, copy, learn, and share the code.