Enhanced Performance and Scalability for your Data and Applications

With development cycles getting faster, SNP helps enterprises innovate more quickly and cost effectively with open-source database solutions.

SNP Offers:


Mongo DB on Azure


MySQL Services


Apache Spark

MongoDB on Azure

MongoDB on Azure

MongoDB has helped organizations from cutting edge start-ups to the largest enterprises transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. At SNP, our MongoDB managed service is built from the ground up with a unique architecture to ensure faster performance with high availability and scalability.

SNP’s development expertise collaborates developers and application experts across all phases of development — from design strategy to data migration, production and code refreshes to help you architect the best applications possible, at the fraction of the cost of legacy databases.

Enhanced scalability and flexibility to easily design and secure your growing applications.

High performance with an enterprise grade SLA for continuous operations and 99.99% availability.

Expressive Query Language with secondary indexes which lets developers build and leverage powerful features with your data quickly.

Strong consistency so your applications can immediately update your data.

Replicate data globally by building scalable apps with multi data center configurations.

Enterprise Grade MySQL Services

SNP’s MySQL Cloud services delivers the performance, security and uptime to address your enterprise needs. We help enterprises of all sizes run production applications globally at scale, accelerating international expansion without incurring significant capital expenditures.

Enterprise Grade MySQL Services

Increase business agility by focusing your resources on innovation and rapidly developing new modern applications.


Ensure security, performance and uptime by relying on the most comprehensive MySQL Cloud platform — Microsoft Azure.


Reduce total cost of ownership by saving on infrastructure and database management operations costs while improving uptime.


Unified cloud management from a single platform.


SNP managed support provided by the experts to solve your most complex issues and help you make the most of your MySQL deployments.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark

Apache Spark has become the most active cluster computing system built for speed, ease of use and sophisticated analytics. At SNP, we help you build algorithms faster, iterate faster and put analytics into action. The service is fully managed, which gives you access to hassle free Apache Spark solutions.

Effortlessly create models that capture insight from complex data, and apply that insight in time to drive outcomes.

Simplified unified engine to access all data, build analytic models quickly, iterate fast in a unified programming model and deploy those analytics anywhere.

Integrate broadly with power intelligence into systems, applications, networks and analytics solutions — now and into the future.

Speed up engineering from the bottom-up for large scale data processing and performance.