When to migrate to the cloud is a crucial business decision that’s based on multiple factors unique to each organization.

However, a key time to consider the cloud is when your business is on the verge of an expansion or upgrade. For instance, maybe your server hardware is reaching the end of its lifecycle or you need to add capacity to your data center. Or, it is time to upgrade to the latest version of software that is critical to your business operations. These can be opportune moments to consider the cloud as part of your new or upgraded infrastructure. Whatever your business case may be, SNP has ways to simplify the movement so you can focus on modernizing your apps to achieve business agility and increased productivity.

SNP Helps Its Customers

With hundreds of successful migrations, SNP has a proven approach to help you migrate, modernize, and digitally transform your business. SNP’s migration services can help you:

  • Migrate existing workloads and apps to any cloud—public or private cloud, with Azure migration tools.
  • Modernize traditional applications using containers, microservices and API enablement
  • Multi-cloud and infrastructure management and data modernization
  • Built-in security from the start
  • Migrate your SQL Server or non-relational databases with SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Take advantage of App Service, Azure Functions and Logic Apps to help refactor, re-architect and rebuild your apps in Azure.

SNP’s Migration Services

Windows Server Migration

For more than 20 years, Windows Server has been the operating system of choice for enterprise workloads—but the cloud is increasingly an alternative destination. And as extended support ends for workloads on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 on January 14, 2020, it could be time to evaluate new options that help you innovate and modernize with cloud technologies. Our solutions for Windows Server management, security, auditing, and migration elevate performance. Take advantage of unique Windows Server tools and solutions for:

  • Automation and provisioning
  • Compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and more
  • Security
  • Capacity, configuration, and permissions reporting
  • Migration and directory consolidation
SNP’s Windows Server Migration Process:

By breaking down the migration process into four steps—Assess, Migrate, Optimize, and Secure and Manage—SNP helps you solve the most pressing migration challenges and deliver the reliability, performance, and security your business stakeholders expect.

  • Assess – SNP will undertake a detailed assessment of the client’s existing environment to understand what they have, where it is stored, what are the functions it’s performing, and if it is eligible for migration to cloud or for an upgrade on-premises. The assessment phase result is a listicle of items that have been discovered, ranked as per the business impact and value and a roadmap for the migration.
  • Migrate – We use tools such as Azure Site Recovery to rehost virtual machines and Azure Database Migration Services to migrate databases to Azure. Based on each client requirement, we either refactor applications with container services or rebuild or re-architect.
  • Optimize – The most important task after migration is to make sure that day the operations are run smoothly. Managing subscriptions and servers are the part of the job and Azure should be scaled up/down to meet the business needs.
  • Secure and Manage – We ensure that the client’s Azure environment is safe and compliant. Security is strengthened and compliance is ensured across the hybrid cloud environment using services like Azure Security Center.
Choosing a migration approach:

Based on workload type, criticality, risk assessment, and other factors, you will choose the next steps for each workload and app. SNP offers four solid options, each of which will be explored in detail later in this guide.

  • Rehosting workloads on the Azure, using Azure virtual machines: This approach works well for self-contained workloads running on Windows Server. Use Azure Site Recovery or other commercial tools to migrate the machine images from physical or virtual machines to Azure Virtual Machines and use Azure networking services to tie them back to your datacenters.
  • Refactor the applications: Do this with minimal coding by placing apps in containers and moving the containers to Azure. You will likely find this process to be the quickest and safest route to move legacy LOB applications.
  • Re-Architect or Rebuild applications to take full advantage of advanced managed services in Azure. This approach requires more time and a larger investment than rehosting or refactoring, but it can deliver improved agility, performance, and resilience at a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Upgrade on-premises: You might need to keep apps and workloads on-premises, but still need to improve security, reliability, and flexibility. Upgrading these applications to the latest version of Windows Server delivers these benefits whether you adopt a DevOps model or stick with conventional operations. Whatever operating model you use, upgrading to the latest version of Windows Server helps you reduce maintenance costs while simultaneously allowing you to improve your operational processes.
SNP Offers:
  • Manage User Accounts in Windows Server: SNP helps you manage access controls, permissions, and security across your windows servers from a single console. Easily identify users with rights to resources across your organization to grant, revoke, modify and overwrite permissions to ensure data integrity.
  • Windows Server Security: Our security solutions deliver user and group access control, with real-time visibility and reporting on user activity and permissions which ensures your Windows environment is secure before moving to the cloud.
  • Windows Server Compliance: SNP ensures companies achieve and maintain continuous compliance with many regulations including HIPAA and many more. Inventory your infrastructure, audit changes over time, prevent unauthorized changes in real-time, automate data collection across your Active Directory infrastructure -all from a single interface.
  • Windows Server Storage: Manage storage device capacity and allocation by users, departments, servers, etc. Easily perform capacity planning and pre-migration analysis, and enforce storage policies with predefined, customizable reporting tools.
  • Windows Server Storage: Simplify data protection and ensure continuous access to your crucial Windows-based systems, applications, and data running on physical and virtual servers on-premises and in the cloud. You can reduce the risk of data loss and damage with full incremental and differential backups and address demanding RTOs and RPOs.
Migrate your 2008 server applications to Azure

Linux on Azure

SNP has successfully migrated many clients operating on Linux to Azure, assisting them to run their applications in their way and manage the workloads securely and effectively with their chosen Linux distribution on Azure.

Applying lift and shift strategy or rehosting strategy, we move your apps for quick migration of your complete solution. Our migration specialists use a repeatable, proven process that assures the highest levels of availability and fastest migration times possible. We utilize automation tools to rapidly discover interdependencies between applications, storage, and servers, reducing the overall end-to-end server engagements from months to weeks.

SNP’s Offers:
Innovation with Azure
  • Leveraging Azure, we use all the Linux tools and commands that our customers are comfortable with to ease their migration journey.
  • Perform troubleshooting with integrated technical support for your virtual machines.
Security Services
  • With built-in controls for identity, networking, data and security management, we ensure our customers get best-in-class security for their applications and workloads with Azure.
  • Detect threats, gain instant insights into your security state and compliance, and follow recommendations to respond to threats and improve your overall security posture with Azure Security Center.
  • Simplify security operations and speed up threat response time with Azure Sentinel, an AI-based, cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) service.
  • Protect against identity threats across your Linux and Windows workloads with role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Active Directory.
Governance and Management
  • SNP helps you balance compliance and business agility using governance tools like Azure policy and Azure blueprints.
  • Manage your cloud spend with transparency and accuracy with SNP’s Azure cost management services.
  • We simplify data protection and help safeguard your business from ransomware and human errors with Azure backup.
  • Leveraging Azure Site Recovery, we help customers minimize downtime and ensure business continuity during planned and unplanned outages.
  • With our managed governance and optimization services you get full visibility into your applications and infrastructure.
Hybrid cloud capabilities
  • Build a truly consistent hybrid cloud by integrating your on-premises and cloud environments with Azure Stack.
  • Apply containers to your hybrid Red Hat workloads with Azure Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Improve the upload and download speeds of your hybrid high-performance computing (HPC) workloads at the edge with built-in, high-speed data storage from Azure.
  • Get high throughput and low latency for all endorsed Linux distributions with Azure.

Migrating from any Cloud to Azure

You may already be taking advantage of cloud computing. If so, your cloud migration scenario could involve transitioning from one cloud provider to another. SNP offers multi-cloud integration services where customers can easily move workloads from private and public clouds to Azure, such as AWS, VMware, Hyper-V, Google Cloud Platform, etc. to any environment.

SNP’s Offers:
  • Agility – Simplification of the complex tools, processes, and environments by leveraging Azure, and increasing time to production.
  • Visibility & Control – Complete transparency over workloads, tenants and users.
  • Total migration – We make sure that you experience successful cloud migration while managing existing tools.
  • Reduced costs – Our team of Azure engineers leverage Azure to reduce the overhead costs..

Amazon Web Services to Azure

Organizations that have adopted the cloud-first strategy have initially gone to either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure. However, being on AWS proved to be a bottleneck for many organizations due to reasons like overhead expenses, geographic unavailability. SNP Technologies with Microsoft provides Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as one of the most reliable solutions to migrate workloads from Amazon Web Services to Azure. SNP would lead a seamless migration leveraging ASR in a few simple steps and help you to be productive from day one.

VMWare & Hyper-V migration to Azure

With its impeccable presence in the enterprise market, Microsoft Azure has become the chosen platform for cloud-first organizations. The hybrid cloud strategy adopted by Microsoft has turned out to be the best in the industry as it is able to provide service and workload mobility between on-premises and in-cloud workloads. SNP Technologies being Microsoft Gold Partner leverages Azure Site Recovery to migrate VMWare and Hyper-V virtual machines to Azure.

VMs can be migrated in two ways:

  • Migrating through agentless replication or
  • Migration with an agent for replication.

SNP Technologies would access Azure Migration services to track discovery, assessment, and migration of your Hyper-V and VMWare VMs to Azure.

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