Application Modernization with Azure Kubernetes Services, API Management, Azure AD & Azure DevOps with GitHub for AeroCare

About the Customer:

AeroCare provides equipment and services for Home Oxygen, Nebulized Respiratory Medications and Sleep Therapy. The company is committed to providing quality care and service to our patients and referral sources. They have a registered office on Orlando, Florida with stores present across North America.

Customer Challenge:

AeroCare was interested in modernizing their legacy systems and applications running on Rackspace infrastructure by leveraging cloud native services with Azure. Their existing infrastructure was facing scalability and high availability challenges and they were struggling to meet the growing demands of their customers. They were forced to hire additional competent workforce capable of performing complex IT operations to ensure everything in their environment was up and running, resulting in increase of operating cost.

Solution Description:

SNP performed an application assessment and prepared a detailed Application Modernization roadmap with Azure Services like Azure Kubernetes Services, API Management, Azure AD, Azure DevOps and developing a robust Azure Framework with Azure Governance and Security.

SNP initially migrated two applications to Microsoft Azure to run on Azure Kubernetes Services as containers with a build and release management approach on Azure DevOps. With this success, AeroCare can now replicate the same approach across different applications that AeroCare will develop in future.

To get AeroCare production ready, SNP leveraged other technologies such as GitHub, Azure Container Registry, Azure App Gateway – WAF, Azure Key Vault, Terraform, Azure Monitors, Application Insights, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Network, Azure Security Center, Azure AD, Azure Governance and Blueprints, Azure RBAC, and Azure Policies.

Overall, the SNP solution built on Microsoft Azure is automatically scalable and repeatable where DevOps principles are leveraged and automated at all stages from code development to code releases. New branching practices across application development enables company-wide automation of build and release pipelines thus, new customers can be on-boarded with the click of a button to be production ready with Azure DevOps within minutes.

Outcome/ Impact:

AeroCare has seen significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of their applications and systems. The company automated repetitive management processes and streamlined storage provisioning using Azure Kubernetes Services and DevOps on Azure. Some of the most significant improvements AeroCare has experienced include:

• AeroCare now has a fully managed serverless Kubernetes environment which makes deploying and
managing of their containerized applications easy.

• Ability to scale application with container architecture.

• Unnecessary capital expenditure is removed by saving cost on maintenance and upgrades.

• Portability of the application using containers.

• AeroCare transformed from traditional hosting to modern hosting techniques.

• Enhanced monitoring techniques using Azure Monitors across application life cycle.

• Ability to apply modern techniques to other corporate applications.

• Version controlling the code changes regularly through standard branching practices.

• Using Azure DevOps CI, AeroCare automated the code building process.

• Automated the release of code to development and production with CD in Azure

• AeroCare took the regular code change to production with Azure DevOps CI/CD.

• AeroCare experienced enhanced security be leveraging Azure Security Center.

Application Modernization with Azure Kubernetes Service

The client is a durable medical equipment company that provides respiratory therapy services, medical equipment, and equipment cleaning supplies.

With a global presence, the client was looking to modernize their legacy applications running on the Rackspace infrastructure by leveraging cloud native services with Azure. SNP worked closely with the client’s IT team to perform an application assessment and prepared a detailed Application Modernization roadmap by leveraging Azure services like Azure Kubernetes, Application Program Interface Management, Azure Active Directory, Azure DevOps, and Azure Framework with Azure Governance and Security.

After SNP successfully completed the project, the client experienced changes in their productivity and consumption of Azure resources. The most noteworthy impact that client experienced with the reduction in the overhead costs in Azure Subscriptions and overall organizational cloud governance policy needs. They also experienced enhanced security after successful implementation of the Azure Unified Security. Azure DevOps along with Azure Kubernetes Cluster helped the client to automate the build and release management.

SNP Builds Leading Medical Solutions Provider a Modern Data Warehouse in the Cloud

The client is a leading post-acute service solutions provider that provides medical products, distribution services, biomedical repair & maintenance, medical device sale & rental, and patient technology solutions.

Their data infrastructure consisted of an on-premises database, SQL servers, and SSRs reports. To better leverage data analytics and visualization, they wanted to modernize their current data warehouse with the cloud.

When we first spoke with the client, they were considering both Azure and Amazon Web Services so we walked them through an in-depth analysis of the Azure data platform components, technical benefits, performance, integration options, and SLA benefits. They ultimately decided that Azure was the solution that best fit their needs and we undertook the process of design, implementation and management of the modern data warehouse solution.

After leveraging the complete functionality of Azure Data Factory and Power BI for data analytics and visualization, the client can now extract and analyze data on their parameters. The client has seen a significant improvement in their decision making with following advantages:

• The client has not reported any downtime till date from the launch in June 2018.

• The client streamlined their analytics and generates real-time reports with Power BI.

• Data-driven reporting helped the client’s finance team plan their marketing strategy and financial expenditure in multiple areas of their business.

• Financial leakage in terms of receivable and payable transactions can now be interpreted for greater insight into their business.

Datacenter Modernization with Hybrid Cloud Adoption Framework

The client is a national HIT services company delivering state of the art technology solutions globally.

Having such a huge and importance presence in the country, the client was running their offices, network and server infrastructure on a hosted datacenter that was running on a VMWare base. The client approached SNP to move their hosted datacenter to Azure. SNP worked closely with the client to perform a cloud assessment of their existing infrastructure and prepared a detailed cloud migration roadmap with Hybrid cloud strategy for stable, secure, high performance of workloads running on Azure.

The client migrated to Azure with zero data loss. They could optimize the Azure virtual machines depending on their business requirements.

Data Warehouse & Analytics Implementation with Azure SQL Data Warehouse Solution

The client is a physician-led clinically integrated network committee to offer patients the best experience in care.

With such a huge network of healthcare professionals and services, the client received too many requests, too frequently for its system to handle. The client’s data analytics expenditure hit through the roof and their informatics team spent 80% of their time aggregating and normalizing the data.

They were looking for a quick turnaround to new data requests and ingest data from a wide range of sources. They wanted the system to have built-in scalability with the capability to handle extremely large data sets. They also wanted self-servicing and real-time data analysis and predictive analytics.

SNP Technologies partnered with the client for a turnaround in their data analytics. By leveraging technologies like Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure PaaS to implement an enterprise data warehouse and analytics solution. We helped the client save an estimate of $100,000 a year – for the first 3 years after implementation. Customized algorithms, real-time data analytics, and predictive analytics generated operational reports which led to data-driven decisions. The staff now spends 10% of their time aggregating normalizing data and 90% of their time analyzing the data. The historical data was cut down by 25% — reducing the overall cost significantly.

"We are a data-driven organization and data is our lifeblood. We needed to implement an enterprise data warehouse and analytics capability efficiently and on budget with our in-house team. Having worked with SNP on previous projects allowed us to build a trusting relationship. We also observed and benefitted from their expertise with Microsoft cloud technologies. SNP has augmented our staff by covering all our data warehouse and analytics expertise gaps. They have also worked closely with our organization to create a realistic budget for the project. We could not have successfully taken on this project without SNP’s partnership.”- Director of Healthcare Informatics & Technology

Multinational Medical Products Supplier Turned Around Their Legacy System with Azure Databricks

We worked with one of the leading companies that manufacture protective industrial and medical gloves to implement data platform and Business Intelligence solution that would measure retail, sales, market share, and productive share for partnering firms.

The client was looking for a solution that would let them ditch their legacy system running on-premise on Informatica for a more robust, scalable and enterprise level data warehouse solution. The client’s internal team and the project sponsors were quite familiar with cutting edge capabilities of Azure Data Services; this allowed us to collaboratively design and build a progressive solution to handle their Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence use cases. The solution template allows the company to very quickly ramp its new clients on the application by simply filling out some data source metadata and pushing some buttons. The organization can now get its new clients up and running in a couple days, plugging each one into amazing insights on their retail data.

This modern data platform architecture leveraging Azure Databricks has turned out to be a boon for the client in many ways. Some of the most noteworthy benefits experienced by the client include high scalability & elasticity, event-driven processing, flexibility of processing multiple programming languages, fast and cheap storage from Azure Data Lake Store, and no relational database.

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