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Cloud services are rapidly becoming a standard part of corporate IT solutions, with public cloud adoption growing while private cloud use is on the decline. Companies often cite cost reduction, improving return on investment, and security as their core reasons for investing in cloud infrastructure. However, many companies do not have in-house cloud expertise. SNP Technologies provides expert Azure cloud solutions and consulting services that help customers migrate on-premises applications to the cloud and create new cloud solutions that deliver greater scalability, innovation, and value. Whether you’re focused on creating new cloud applications or extending what you have, realize greater value faster with SNP’s deep cloud expertise and best practices designed for long-term success.

SNP’s Application Modernization Services

A successful cloud adoption program requires a comprehensive approach. SNP services are holistic from end-to-end, bringing to bear diverse engineering expertise

Our service model depicted below reflects the life cycle of an Azure App Modernization project. A project team consists of subject matter experts in cloud infrastructure, automation, networking, security, governance, and other specialties and they contribute to each phase as the project proceeds from Digital Estate Assessment through Azure Cloud Innovation. New projects leverage each of the services, while existing projects may focus on any one or more. Follow each link to learn about a specific service.

Digital Estate Assessment

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Azure Migration Services

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Azure Managed Services

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Cloud Adoption Framework

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DevOps & Automation

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Azure Cloud Innovation

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Common Issues Facing IT Teams Today



Existing infrastructure cannot scale to accommodate growth

Potential for Modernization

Internal resources not equipped to optimize a cloud solution


Latency and time to deployment for new apps need to be reduced

Aging Infrastructure

Legacy solutions cannot be maintained or grow in their current state

Technical Debt

Technical debt drives incompatibility with cloud solutions


Need to improve control over the security of app data

IT professionals know that these and other issues can be reduced (or eradicated) by moving to the cloud. Additional benefits of moving to a cloud-based solution include:

  • Innovation: Create new revenue opportunities; provide business partners and customers secure access to corporate resources; leverage data analytics and AI to advance business insights.
  • Security, Identity and Governance: Leverage Microsoft’s enterprise security by enabling user identity framework and governance solutions.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery: Leverage Azure’s dynamic disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Increase speed-to-market: Accelerate efficiency in an agile application development cycle; enable improved management and scalability; enable rapid development of new business tools and applications.
  • Flexibility: Implement co-existence of on-premises and cloud solutions; provide support for customer’s open-source development initiatives.

SNP’s Application Modernization Services

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