A Leading Financial Provider Increases Business Productivity with Data Center Modernization and Disaster Recovery with Microsoft Azure

Being the leading providers of reinsurance and specialty insurance, the client had most of their workloads on their on-premise datacenters with a minute presence of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Their on-premise primary datacenter and the DR datacenter were located in East USA.The client and one of its subsidiaries shared primary data centers but had separate AWS subscriptions and hybrid connectivity.

SNP partnered with the client to implement ADFS, Single Sign-On, Self Service Password Reset and integration with other forests as per the clients’ requirement. We designed and implemented the hybrid cloud and established hybrid connectivity with on-premises datacenters to various cloud isolated networks. SNP helped the client to implement ADFS infrastructure for supporting on-premises and Azure applications Single Sign-On experience. The client also wanted to deploy a pilot for Azure Site Recovery for DR and applications running on Azure.

With SNP’s help the client implemented and is managing best practices with Azure Governance and Azure Policies. The client has taken the next step in Azure transitioning with:

• Rollout of Azure Site Recovery for their production environment.

• Production SQL migration to Azure PaaS.

• Pilot for DRaaS with Azure Site Recovery and backup.

Implementing Hybrid Cloud Framework with Disaster Recovery on Microsoft Azure

The client has expertise in a wide array of value creation activities, including distressed investments and uncovering value in complex transactions.

The client has a Hyper-V infrastructure and was looking for a disaster recovery and cloud failover. We performed a cloud assessment where it was discovered that the client has noted several server running on legacy operating systems and other with operating systems that are nearing the end of life. The total legacy operating system percentage is 28%, which is a significant percentage to be unprotected.

We partnered with the client and prepared a detailed cloud migration roadmap with a Hybrid Cloud strategy for enhanced stability, security and high performance of the workloads running on Azure IaaS. SNP leveraged Azure Governance to achieve control over Azure subscriptions, cost management, secured access management of Azure resources and to meet overall policies of the organization. Hybrid connectivity was achieved by establishing connectivity between Azure Virtual Network and private cloud as per the clients’ requirement.

The client has experienced better IT service deliver post implementation. Now they are in a better position to control over Azure subscriptions, security and overall organizational cloud governance policy needs.

SNP Leverages Azure Site Recovery to Setup Disaster Recovery for a Cyber Defense Firm

The client is an industry leading investigative, compliance and cyber defense services firm based in North East.

Using a Hyper-V infrastructure for their on-premise environment, which was supported by clustered file services and SQL servers, the clients’ business plans were hit by frequent outages at their on-premise data center as well as during hardware failure. This posed a risk of data loss, which would prove catastrophic for the client as they were not being able to perform their duties to their full potential.

We partnered with the client as they approached us to set up a disaster recovery environment leveraging Azure Site recovery to provide short recovery time and lower compute cost. SNP worked with the client to collect information on their existing infrastructure like network bandwidth, server infrastructure, server specifications etc and DR Architecture Diagram, which was used as a modelling tool for implementation.

Aided by our DR solution, the client is now in a better position to protect their data and critical business applications. The client eliminated the need to configure and manage consoles on separate locations with cloud-based centralized ASR console.

Implementing Disaster Recovery & Cloud Failover for Multi-Tier Applications Leveraging Azure Site Recovery

The client is a software auditing company specializing in portal software, controls, audits and analytics software, and recovery audit service in virtually every country to produce billions in documented savings and income each year.

They wanted to move to Azure and implement Disaster Recovery solution for their critical business applications which consist of eight different layers. Through this implementation they want to streamline their overpayments process, supplier compliance process and optimize working capital.

SNP partnered with the client to implement the solution in three stages, in first stage we performed infrastructure discovery and migration assessment of their current on-premises infrastructure. The second stage was dedicated to setup the disaster recovery process which included Azure Site Recovery. The third and the final stage of implementation was completed with failover testing.

The client saw a drastic reduction in the time spent monitoring off-site replication status and resolving stalled or failed workload replications. SNP’s cost effective, centrally managed and comprehensive DR solution helped the client to deliver better protection for their critical business applications, reduce disaster recovery time and overhead costs.

Container Orchestration & SQL Server Integration with Azure Kubernetes

The client and its subsidiaries are one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance and specialty insurance.

The client was developing a new line of business application, having modern, microservices architecture. During the development phase, the microservices were packed in Docker containers and run on the local server. However, for production deployment, the client IT team determined that container orchestration was imperative. For orchestration, Kubernetes was the obvious choice for its features, low-cost, and dominance in the market.

The client IT team concluded that maintenance of an on-premises Kubernetes cluster was not practical. The hardware and the maintenance cost, lack of cluster auto-scale capacity and simply not having the internal know-how.

Another significant requirement of the client was integration with SQL Server and file share data services running in an on-premises data center.

SNP Technologies identified Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) for a pilot implementation as it met all the orchestration requirements of the customer, included virtual network and Azure Identity integration as a managed service. AKS shifted the cluster maintenance responsibility from the client team to Microsoft.

Another captivating feature of Azure Kubernetes Services was its Azure Monitor integration for observing the health and performance of both the cluster and the running containers. To get the client production ready, SNP leveraged a host of other technologies like Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Key Vault.

With SNP’s solution in place, the customer achieved the foundation for its on-going implementation of modern, cloud-native applications. Now the client is in a firm position with AKS to rapidly evolve its digital experiences and compete in reinsurance market.

Insurance Provider Leverages Big Data for Crucial Business Insights

This client is a trusted flood insurance provider known for their industry-leading expertise.

Lack of transparency and clarity in their data analytics prohibited them from reviewing the premium collection status based on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. They needed a data analytics solution that allowed them to make decisions informed by insured premium patterns, product revenue collection, performance in the market, agent commission distribution & hierarchy, and product performance patters zone and city wide.

To achieve the client's goal of having improved data analytics and visualization, an effective solution to extract data from AS400 was needed, with the ability to scale up while minimizing the operational costs.

After leveraging the complete functionality of Azure Data Factory and Power BI for data analytics and visualization, the client can now extract and analyze data on their parameters. The client has seen a significant improvement in their decision making, along with the following advantages:

• They managed to save time and money by crunching big data and automating data pipelines with Azure Data Factory.Microsoft Azure reduced their cost of mainlining a highly expensive on-premise data solution.

• With Azure SQL Warehouse, the client is now able to alleviate data storage requirements.

• After implementing SNP’s solution, the client can transform the raw data into rich visualizations to make better decisions.

Direct-to-Consumer Leader Leverages Azure Kubernetes Services to Improve Customer Offerings

This client is a trusted partner with a track record of delivering high-volume sales and maximizing the return on investment for top health, life, property, and casualty providers.

We partnered with the client to deploy a designated application system on AKS as a pilot and also trained them in the use of Kubernetes orchestration for the docker containers and on the AKS platform in particular.

The client has seen a significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of its IT service delivery, including:

• 16 client engineers with programming, operations, DevOps responsibilities were trained and are now familiar with container and orchestration fundamentals and their implementation in Azure.

• Client DevOps team now can create AKS clusters and securely deploy containerized applications using their familiar CI/CO tooling.

• The client considers AKS as a primary deployment tool for Linux container workloads.

• They’ve cut costs and improved performance.


Azure Security with Arc and Enterprise Landing Zone

The client is a leading relationship-driven, multi-bank holding company which also engages in commercial leasing through its wholly owned subsidiary company. They are in 27 locations across the United States
The client made a strategic decision to leverage Azure as their Cloud platform of choice. SNP engaged with the customer to assist them with establishing an Enterprise Scale Landing Zone to establish best practices around: Governance, Identity, Networking, Security and hybrid management with Azure Arc.

• Azure Governance was leveraged or achieving control over Azure subscriptions, cost management, secured access management of Azure resources and to meet the overall policies of the organization.

• Azure Unified Security was achieved leveraging tools like Azure security center, log analytics, application gateways, network watcher and DDoS protection

• Hybrid Connectivity for establishing connectivity between Azure Virtual Network and on-premises.

• Azure AD connect deployment with seamless single sign-on.
•Extend on-premises active directory infrastructure to Azure.

• Azure Arc for hybrid management
After a successful delivery of the engagement, the following benefits were achieved:

• Successful implementation of Azure governance to bring control over Azure subscriptions, security & overall organizational cloud governance policy needs

• Successful implementation of Azure unified security to achieve protection from DDoS, Layer 7 protection for applications, Layer 3 protection for network, node-based protection through Security center.

• Successful implementation of hybrid connectivity to achieve connectivity between Azure and on-premises.

• Successful extension of Active Directory infrastructure to Azure.

• Azure Arc deployment for hybrid management of 50 servers

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