Kubernetes is the container orchestration platform of choice for organizations deploying cloud native applications. With Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), SNP simplifies the deployment and operations of Kubernetes and enables you to dynamically scale your application infrastructure with confidence and agility.

Benefits of AKS

Learn how SNP can help accelerate legacy app innovation with less risk using Azure Kubernetes Services.

1. Operate with ease & scale confidently

Deploy and manage containerised applications more easily with a fully managed Kubernetes service. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers serverless Kubernetes, an integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) experience and enterprise-grade security and governance. Unite your development and operations teams on a single platform to rapidly build, deliver and scale applications with confidence.

2. Accelerate containerised application development

Easily define, deploy, debug and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes applications and automatically containerise your applications. Add a full CI/CD pipeline to your AKS clusters with automated routine tasks and set up a canary deployment strategy in just a few clicks while gaining full visibility into your environment with control-plane telemetry, log aggregation and container health, accessible in the Azure portal and automatically configured for AKS clusters.

3. Enhanced security and compliance

To protect your customer data as you run application workloads in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), the security of your cluster is a key consideration. Kubernetes includes security components such as network policies and Secrets. Azure then adds in components such as network security groups and orchestrated cluster upgrades. These security components are combined to keep your AKS cluster running the latest OS security updates and Kubernetes releases, and with secure pod traffic and access to sensitive credentials. 

4. Increased operational efficiency

Rely on built-in automated provisioning, repair, monitoring and scaling. This checkbox-like experience helps you get up and running quickly and minimises infrastructure maintenance.

5. Run any workload in the cloud, at the edge or as a hybrid

Orchestrate any type of workload running in the environment of your choice. Whether you want to move .NET applications to Windows Server containers, modernise Java applications in Linux containers or run micro-services applications in the public cloud, at the edge or in hybrid environments, Azure has the solution for you.

The SNP Advantage

  • Build microservices applications: Easily define and build Kubernetes-orchestrated microservices using Visual Studio Code (VS Code).
  • Deploy a Kubernetes cluster: Our team of experts Deploy a multi-node Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster without you worrying about reliability, availability and upgrades.
  • Easily monitor and manage Kubernetes: We provide guidance to configure Kubernetes manifesto tailored to meet your workload requirements.
  • Managed Support: Our 24x7 managed support services help you easily monitor and diagnose the health of your applications.

The SNP Engagement

In this 1-week PoC engagement, SNP’s application and platform engineers work with your team to re-host one of your existing applications in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) -Microsoft’s managed service for Kubernetes.

Day 1 & 2: AKS Cloud Immersion Experience
  • Hands-on training covering Kubernetes and AKS overview, cluster deployment, application deployment, monitoring, scaling, and DevOps.
  • Hands-on training covering: AKS networking options, storage management, Azure resource integration, cluster management, and ACI integration.
Day 3: Proof of Concept Planning
  • For an identified workload, we collaboratively whiteboard a cloud solution architecture and plan the PoC implementation.
Day 4: Proof of Concept Programming
  • With guidance from SNP experts, you will compose the infrastructure and configuration as code and design a CI/CD pipeline using Azure DevOps.
Day 5: Proof of Concept Deployment
  • With guidance from SNP experts, you will deploy your PoC workload, and test its performance. We cap off the day with a discussion of next steps for your AKS adoption.
Executive Retrospective

Your team and SNP present a synopsis of the engagement to its executive sponsor to communicate the value proposition, lessons learned and potential that Azure Kubernetes Service offers to your organization.

Potential Architectural Diagram

Proven Use Cases

Application Modernization with Azure Kubernetes Service / Healthcare

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Hybrid Cloud & App Modernization with Kubernetes on Azure / Professional Services

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Application Modernization with Managed Kubernetes on Azure / Technology

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Container Orchestration & SQL Server Integration with Azure Kubernetes / Technology

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