High Availability Deployment of ADFS Infrastructure with Hybrid Connectivity & DMZ Setup

The client is an American non-profit technology organization which has been responsible for the production of several children’s educational programs.

As the client has a global presence, they were facing issues with collaboration with the creators. The on-premise datacenter was proving to be expensive for the client in terms of maintenance and lack of disaster recovery plan. Their data was scattered all around the world. To overcome the data woes, the client decided to migrate to Azure cloud Services and implement disaster recovery solution.

SNP worked closely with the client to perform cloud assessment of their existing on-premise infrastructure and prepared a detailed migration roadmap to move their on-premise datacenter to Azure. A Hybrid Cloud strategy was implemented for stable and high-performance workloads running on Azure IaaS with connectivity and DMZ. Test for DR failover was done with Azure Site Recovery.

After migrating to Azure, the client saw a significant improvement in their performance. One hand they managed to bring down the cost and on the other hand they streamlined their IT services across the countries and regions.



Managed Data Center Services with Microsoft Azure

The client is a cloud-based inventory management software company for small and midsized retailers and wholesalers.

The client has a presence in multiple countries like UK and Australia apart from the USA and was looking to expand their business. Their growth model is focused on assuring their clients 24*7x365 days of managed services. Their business is heavily dependent on managed services and thus they needed maintenance of their Azure workloads. The client wanted to avoid system downtime and other infrastructure problems that occur during off-business hours, especially on the weekends.

To help the client reduce their downtime efficiently, SNP technologies provided 24/7 managed services support through remote IT operations on Azure workloads. SNP helped the client monitor resources with Azure monitor and native tools. The client was able to optimize their SQL stored procedures and SNP engineers optimized the SQL environments. SNP set up an alert management system for the client as per the ITIL process.

For this client, SNP leveraged multiple technologies like Azure Monitor, Cloud Monix, SolarWinds MSP Tools, Application Insights and Analytics Workspace.

SNP’s managed services team helped the client measure utilization, performance, and reliability, and let them take action to rectify the problems that cropped up. With SNP’s help, the client could achieve instant elastic scalability driven by automation. However, the most notable changes experienced by the client are the following:

• SNP provided the client with a resilient, cost-efficient and highly secure cloud infrastructure, facilitated rapid new functionality development, advanced analytics, and reporting, and followed Azure best practices.

• With a high performing application environment on Azure, the client experienced a fast, no-disruption on Azure workloads.

• SNP helped the client adopt best IT security service making their cloud environment safer.


SNP Helps Digital Conversion Company Accelerate Their Global Expansion

From performance management and experience design to open-source development and hosting technology, this client’s digital conversion experts help medium to large organizations move the needle with e-commerce solutions.

A global organization with three distinct business units, the company was positioned for growth — but Amazon Web Services (AWS) was holding them back. Platform inefficiencies were making it difficult to satisfy customer needs and they were forced to hire more and more people to keep things up and running. To cut back operational costs, the client needed a multi-cloud strategy that could scale with their business.

We partnered with them to help migrate clusters from OpenShift on AWS to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). This significantly improved the speed and efficiency of their IT services. By automating repetitive management processes and streamlining storage, they could now accommodate rapid global growth in both customers and data. With our managed support, this client reduced infrastructure management time by 80% and cut infrastructure maintenance costs.

We’re proud to share that in the next two years, this company hopes to fully support their AKS environment with a proprietary product.


Application Modernization with Managed Kubernetes on Azure

The client is a leading technology company that serves medium to large organizations with performance management, experience design, open source development, and hosting technology.

They were exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the past few years, but with their global expansion plans, it needed a multi-cloud strategy that could better meet its business needs. While on AWS Cloud, the company experienced several business challenges, including no high availability for customers in many regions. Not only did this make difficult for the client to meet customers’ increasing demands, they were also forced to hire additional labor resources to ensure everything was up and running. The result was a huge operational cost and lack of efficiency.

The client was running and managing its hosting services in an OpenShift Container Platform on VM clusters on AWS. With SNP’s support, the client validated that it could run its hosting service in a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Azure. Utilizing Go-Fast funding and SNP’s internal resources, SNP helped the client migrate clusters from OpenShift on AWS to Azure Kubernetes Services.

After successfully migrating their infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Azure, the client’s infrastructure management time has reduced by 80% with managed support from SNP. In the next two years, the client is looking to fully support their Azure Kubernetes environment with their proprietary product.


Container Orchestration & SQL Server Integration with Azure Kubernetes

The client and its subsidiaries are one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance and specialty insurance.

The client was developing a new line of business application, having modern, microservices architecture. During the development phase, the microservices were packed in Docker containers and run on the local server. However, for production deployment, the client IT team determined that container orchestration was imperative. For orchestration, Kubernetes was the obvious choice for its features, low-cost, and dominance in the market.

The client IT team concluded that maintenance of an on-premises Kubernetes cluster was not practical. The hardware and the maintenance cost, lack of cluster auto-scale capacity and simply not having the internal know-how.

Another significant requirement of the client was integration with SQL Server and file share data services running in an on-premises data center.

SNP Technologies identified Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) for a pilot implementation as it met all the orchestration requirements of the customer, included virtual network and Azure Identity integration as a managed service. AKS shifted the cluster maintenance responsibility from the client team to Microsoft.

Another captivating feature of Azure Kubernetes Services was its Azure Monitor integration for observing the health and performance of both the cluster and the running containers. To get the client production ready, SNP leveraged a host of other technologies like Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Key Vault.

With SNP’s solution in place, the customer achieved the foundation for its on-going implementation of modern, cloud-native applications. Now the client is in a firm position with AKS to rapidly evolve its digital experiences and compete in reinsurance market.


“We really like the support we're getting from SNP on our migration to Azure. SNP understands what their customers need and has become our go-to partner for open source. They provided our teams with extensive training on Azure and got us up and running with managed Kubernetes in Azure. SNP is extensively involved with Microsoft open-source, especially contributing actively to our OpenSource Hosting Solution, Lagoon. SNP knows the Microsoft Technology stack inside and out, and they know how to help their customers.”

– CTO, Leading Digital Conversion Company, US.

A Leading International Organization Transforms its Business by Switching from AWS to Azure

This client is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses build long-lasting relationships with their customers across the buying journey. From welcome emails to abandoned cart push notifications, their customer relationship and mobile marketing automation software deliver personalized and relevant messaging.

Their platform banks on data, teams, and technology to add value across a multitude of devices, channels, and platforms — and their cloud solution just wasn’t performing. The company operated on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and struggled to automate and scale up its containerized applications. They were looking for a foundational framework in Azure that would enable them to leverage cloud services in a secure, scalable fashion.

We partnered with them on a hybrid cloud & app modernization with Kubernetes on Azure. To achieve production readiness for their workloads, our specialists validated and guided the architectural approach for each pillar of their application ecosystem: configuration management, authentication & access control, infrastructure cluster deployment with CI/CD, and application deployment framework.

The client has seen significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of its IT service delivery, and with Azure governance, automation and security are now under control.

• They are anticipated to generate annual Azure revenue of $4 million.

• They achieved from DDoS, layer 7 protection for applications, Layer 3 protection for Network, and Node-based protection through Security Center.

•SNP successfully implemented Hybrid connectivity to achieve connectivity between Azure and private cloud, enabling the client to have better control over their private cloud.


SNP Builds a Powerful New Real-Time Data Processing Platform for a Video Managed Services Provider

This client is a video managed service company known for its expertise in video interoperability, cloud solutions, and providing high-performance legacy video systems to large organizations.

But, their data platform wasn’t providing the real-time business intelligence needed, so they were considering a hybrid data platform solution on Microsoft Azure. The challenge was to implement a framework for the data extraction, transformation, and loading of data from multiple data sources — including Salesforce, ERP, Cisco, and Call Centers — to the Azure SQL database.

We partnered with the client to establish a new data platform using Azure’s automated data onboarding in four phases: discovery, designing the ETL system for Oracle ERP data, designing the ETL system for ServiceNow data, and finally setting up and configuring Azure analysis services.

The client has seen significant improvement in its real-time data processing. Data from Oracle ERP, ServiceNow ERP, and more is now being pushed to power improved business intelligence in real-time.

• After the successful implementation of Azure data onboarding solution, there has been no reported downtime.

• Advanced insights provide data flow and insight into business data, interpreting the financial leakage in terms of receivables and payables.

• Detailed reports now aid the finance teams of their customers, helping them plan their marketing strategy and monitor financial expenditures.

• It helped the client to have an optimal output with minimal changes.


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