Businesses are quickly adopting the cloud to leverage its reliability, high availability, reduced redundancy, and to lower overall management costs.

However, legacy applications and line-of-business (LOB) applications that aren’t cloud-born, tend to remain on-premise. Managing such complex environments and the cloud seamlessly can be cumbersome. Identifying and recruiting certified experts is time-consuming and takes focus away from the core business. This is where we come in. SNP can manage Microsoft Azure Environments with our industry-acclaimed processes and technology platforms to provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your cloud resources and workloads. Cloud Managed Services from SNP offer a complete portfolio of management services for various cloud components.

Why Managed Services?

Enterprises with several workloads running in the cloud face major challenges, such as:

  1. Visibility: SNP uses a different platform with single-pane visibility for enterprise operational excellence.
  2. Skills & Cost: It is hard to hire and retain the right cloud experts. Many firms have instances where unused or non-optimally utilized cloud resources are draining budgets.
  3. Security & Compliance: SNP’s security services provide robust protection in the cloud environment, such as VM, storage, network connections, app services, SQL servers with the tailor-made configuration based on the cloud environment’s security requirements
  4. Optimization: SNP’s team of experts manages the optimization and scaling of your apps and servers depending on your computing needs.

Why SNP Technologies?

Digital Operations Center with Next-Gen Industry Standard Engine designed with the below service delivery model.

  1. 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Operations: SNP’s technical support professionals are available around the clock to resolve issues quickly and effectively.
  2. Optimized Tooling And Extreme Automation: Custom tooling and automated templates simplify daily cloud operations.
  3. Service Delivery Operations: Monitoring and management of Cloud Environment with best practices framework.
  4. Technical Account Manager: Certified cloud specialists and a named Technical Account Manager (TAM) will coordinate escalations, help ensure technical issue resolution and focus on account operations.
  5. Service Collaborations: Regularly scheduled account reviews help ensure alignment with your business objectives and goals.

SNP’s Azure Managed Services Portfolio

CSP Services

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, SNP Technologies is enabled to provide Cloud Solution Provider service — a licensed program with dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support customer subscriptions.

  • Additional cost saving opportunities.
  • Self-service portal with:
    • Purchase Management
    • Cloud Cost Visibility (Insights, Trends, Optimization & Budget Policy)
    • Reporting (Pre-Defined & Scheduled)
  • Flexibility and simplified monthly billing on all Microsoft cloud services
  • Pay for what you need and manage your license requirements.
  • Customized packages with cost-effective pricing.
  • SNP will design, plan, deploy and manage your subscriptions, helping you save time.
  • End-to-end guidance and visibility.

Support Desk Operations

SNP’s Cloud Support Services provide end-to-end solutions and support for your cloud business operations to enable continuous operations. We help you address any cloud-related issues with certified technical support specialists that make resolving issues quick and easy, which can reduce crankiness in the workplace.

  • Access to certified solution architects and engineers.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of critical cloud services and workloads.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of the overall health of your cloud infrastructure resources.
  • Triage and remediation of incidents and alarms.
  • ITIL Service Delivery Management.
  • Weekly operational reviews for workload optimization.
  • End-to-end visibility.
  • Gain detailed insights into your service level performance and understand when and why the bottlenecks occur.
  • Monthly patching of critical updates in proving and production environment workloads.

Managed Azure Infrastructure Operations

Our Cloud Managed Services provide complete support for computing resource management to improve operational health and efficiency, immediately after integration. Whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, we possess extensive cloud computing knowledge to support your environment and fill the gaps.

  • Lack of unified toolset for implementing an appropriate configuration management workstream.
  • The customer lacks the technical expertise required to efficiently manage servers, software, user access, and policies.
  • How to respond to so many alerts? How to differentiate the false positives from the concerning ones?
  • Our team of experts will handle your cloud infrastructure management, maintenance & support, allowing your internal IT team to focus on innovation and working on the business goal.
  • We deliver centralized monitoring with comprehensive features such as infrastructure metrics and logs for most services in Azure.
  • Detect anomalies such as poor performance and failures, health issues, and complete life cycle management.
  • Correlate the usage and performance data collected by monitoring metrics with configuration and performance data across Azure resources to support operations.
  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting.
  • Apply filters and take the feed of the monitoring alerts so that it can be raised as a ticket based on the different severity levels to overcome the false positives.
  • Critical error warning.
  • Informational verbose.
  • Real-time health reports and dashboards.
  • On-demand development and delivery of customer self-service monitoring templates.

Managed Disaster Recovery & Backup Operations

Our Managed Disaster Recovery & Backup Services provide the support for Backup and Disaster Recovery services. Our team analyses the existing infrastructure and manages the disaster recovery plan in place to prevent the loss of productivity which requires regular monitoring. We can also recover and backup your data, application, and application processes that are on-premise, giving you the best SLA to be back in business in no time after a disaster.

  • Disaster recovery to mission critical applications in case of outages.
  • How quickly will a client be able to gain full productivity after a disaster?
  • The customer lacks a unified management plan and instead carries out changes on live equipment on an ad hoc basis.
Services & Benefits
  • Backup failures alert monitoring.
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly proactive DR drill and backup checks.
  • Expert knowledge over Backup and DR solutions in the Azure cloud environment.
  • Recovery of data loss over cyber outages, hardware failure and cyber-attacks.
  • File and folder level backup.
  • Daily snapshots of cloud virtual machines.
  • Restoration of cloud virtual machines from snapshots.
  • Self-serve and on-demand restore with robust SLAs.
  • Consolidated reports of DR and Backup.
  • Advisory recommendations over regular periodic improvement process.

Managed Data Operations

Our managed database services give you 24/7 access to our elite team of database administrators, architects, and engineers to handle day-to-day operational management of your systems in the cloud. We are here along the way to provide insights, suggest improvements, provide expert guidance and resources on a real-time basis.

Services & Benefits
  • Dedicated team of engineers provide proactive care to prevent system downtime.
  • Ensure optimal operational performance and efficiency.
  • Full-time monitoring and response.
  • Tracking of key performance metrics such as DTU usage, R/W utilization, lock details, blocked queries, etc.
  • Tracking data retrieved from database via custom SQL queries.
  • Ensuring smooth functioning of your databases by monitoring all key database transactions.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of your cloud database.

Managed DevOps Operations

Once the customer’s data is in the cloud, our real responsibilities begin — ongoing operations management. As part of this offering, we provide managed services for customers: automation and orchestration, patching updates, configuration management, and identity management. Continuous improvement requires continuous attention. Our Managed Services allow you to focus on what’s most important.

  • Architect and Deploy: Certified cloud architects design, build and deploy your cloud infrastructure to meet your specific requirements.
  • Complex Cloud Operations: Get access to advanced, named technical resources, including solution architects, lead engineers, containers/Kubernetes experts and DevOps experts to optimize public cloud operations and architectural infrastructure.
  • Dev-ops have completely changed the way applications are developed and maintained.
  • Lack of resources and knowledge to maintain their own system and integrate automation capabilities.
  • Lack of familiarity with dev-ops approach to operations - or unable to bring the cultural change required to adopt dev-ops as a way of doing things.
Services & Benefits
  • Azure DevOps Administration.
  • Azure DevOps Best Practices & Onboarding Workshop
  • Quarterly review of DevOps processes and Azure DevOps utilization/licensing.
  • Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration
  • Using the full power of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) – writing custom ARM templates for the customer’s unique needs.
  • Operational management.
  • Security management.
  • Application lifecycle management.
  • Consolidated reports of DR and Backup.
  • Azure Kubernetes Services – Container application life cycle management.

Managed Security Operations

Providing robust security in the cloud environment is what we aim to achieve with SNP’s Managed Security Services. VM, storage, network connections, app services, SQL servers with the tailor-made configuration based on the cloud environment’s security requirements.

  • Lack of proper Governance across the Cloud Environment, which leads to "Data Breaches".
  • Hijacking of Accounts may happen by implementing improper security policies across the Accounts.
  • Malicious intent in the environment for having poor security, best practices.
  • Internal Threats may happen, if we don't have proper limiting access to data only to those individuals who need it.
  • We review security recommendations and then prioritize recommendations that need to be implemented at the earliest.
  • SNP will create a secure cloud environment by completing all the recommended security measures provided by Azure Security Centre.
  • Our team will get the alerts, whenever any malicious threat is raised in the cloud environment and SNP will act accordingly.
  • We monitor Azure security compliance, detect threats with integrated threat intelligence.
  • Monthly Azure alert and change management report.
  • Quarterly cloud security assessment report prepared across the environment.

Managed Premium Services

SNP’s managed premium services provide end-to-end solutions and support for your business operations to enable your digital transformation. We do more than migrations, we help you optimize your cloud environments. Our managed services help you unlock value from your IT investments, manage costs, governance and risk.

  • Cloud adoption practices and priorities.
  • Cloud cost optimization and cloud cost management.
  • Planning cloud strategies and Azure Governance mechanism.
  • Drawing up comprehensive cloud security policy.
  • Azure billing and subscription management.

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