Our Process

DevOps is a combination of software Development and Information Technology Operations practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication between software developers and IT professionals. The goal of DevOps is to establish a culture and environment where software innovation (i.e., building, testing and releasing software) occurs more rapidly and reliably, contributing to a better customer experience.

SNP Technologies helps enterprises scale their ability to build and deliver quality cloud applications using DevOps and Continuous Delivery models with elastic, on-demand, agile infrastructure and services on Microsoft Azure.

Making DevOps Easy



Our DevOps engineers start each consultation engagement by learning about the client’s business and development staff. This process includes gaining a deep understanding of key workflows, applications, and development processes and infrastructure to identify current capacities and establish benchmarks. The assessment helps clients understand their infrastructure readiness, including bottlenecks and other inefficiencies that need to be addressed along with recommended tools and processes that can help drive efficiency gains.



Leveraging our experience across 50+ cloud engagements, SNP’s team of automation engineers will help you manage your IT backlogs and reduce your time to production from months to days, while improving security, governance and productivity.



Good DevOps practices deliver speed, quality and reliability. Our team provides you with a strategic and contextual roadmap outlining recommendations to achieve the next level of success for your organization. We eradicate unnecessary steps and automate key processes, ensuring your delivery pipeline remains optimized.

SNP DevOps Solutions and Services


Raise efficiency, quality and speed with flawless collaboration between development and operations.


Add agility to your infrastructure by automating as many of your processes as you can through virtualization and configuration management.


Continuous delivery through vigorous testing, release and deployment with customized DevOps solutions.


We take charge of your entire project and deliver it in the shortest turn-around time.


Enable faster and easier application changes by improving development, test and production environment consistency.


Migrate and deliver applications in the cloud with scalability, resilience and security.