SNP’s Hybrid Cloud Framework Services

At the highest level, SNP’s Hybrid Cloud Framework streamlines five core services.

Azure Governance
Azure Hybrid Connectivity
Azure Hybrid Identity
Azure Unified Security Management
Azure Arc

Azure Governance

SNP provides an integrated security & consulting approach to implement policies, processes & standards for architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation, and management of cloud computing.

SNP Offers:
  • Azure Subscription Management: We help you control resource sprawl through Azure Subscription Management. Organizations can define their organizational hierarchy and subscriptions for better control and security while allowing developers to maintain their agility.
  • Azure Role-Based Access (RABC): One of the best ways possible to manage Azure resources is role-based access control (RBAC). Implement role-based access control with SNP Technologies to ensure your organization’s resource allocation is limited to enable users to do their job efficiently.
  • Azure Policies: Azure Policies enable real-time enforcement, compliance assessment, and remediation. With the execution of Azure Policies, SNP helps you have better control over creation, assignment, and management of cloud policies, and conduct compliance assessments for resources.
  • Azure Blueprints: SNP’s experienced cloud architects help your organization deploy and update cloud environments in a repeatable manner using composable artifacts.
  • Cost Management: Companies shift their workloads to the cloud in order to escape the high maintenance cost of on-premise solutions. However, if unmanaged and unaccounted for, even cloud costs can exceed the budget. Let SNP experts handle Azure cost management for your company to monitor cloud spend and optimize resources.
  • Resource Graph: With resource graph implementation, your organization can query, explore and analyze cloud resources at scale

Azure Hybrid Connectivity

Azure Hybrid Connectivity gives you the ability to extend your on-premises network to Azure with consistent identity management, application logic, and operations methodology. SNP establishes hybrid connectivity from Azure to on-premises with HA/redundancy.

SNP Offers:
  • The Express Route: SNP implements express route to privately connect Microsoft datacenters and the on-premises network. Express Route uses a private, dedicated connection through a third-party connectivity provider to outstretch your on-premises network into Azure.
  • Virtual Private Network: Data and information flow between the on-premises network and Azure Virtual Network through the Azure Stack multi-tenant VPN gateway. SNP facilitates site-to-site VPN using marketplace appliance to securely connect on-premises with Azure cloud.
  • SD-WAN: Connect your global offices, remote locations, point of sales, and sites seamlessly with Azure Global Network. It gives organizations the flexibility to deploy, monitor and manage their sites and connected virtual networks through unified portal experience. SNP deploys software-defined connectivity which allows automatic branch connectivity on a global scale.
  • Load Balancer: By having built-in load balancing for cloud applications and virtual machines, your organization can create highly agile and scalable applications in minutes. Now organizations can scale applications and create high availability for all services.

Azure Hybrid Identity

This enables the organization to have a common login to the organization’s infrastructure and applications.

SNP Offers:
  • Azure Active Directory Connect: Integrate on-premises directories with Azure Active Directory, allowing common identity.
  • Domain Controllers on Azure: Provide high availability for your on-premise AD infrastructure.
  • Managed Domains: Managed Domains on Azure helps build a Dev/Test environment that can be isolated from your on-premise AD infrastructure.
  • Federation on Azure: Extend your ADFS farm on Azure for high availability.
  • Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On: This provides users with easy access to cloud-based applications without requiring any additional on-premises components.

Azure Unified Security Management

Azure Unified Security brings in the capability of a centralized security management system for on-premises infrastructure and Azure Cloud.

SNP Offers:
  • Azure Security Center: This is a hybrid security management tool and threat protection solution. It enables organizations to have control over centralized policy management, advance cloud defenses, prioritized alerts and incidents, integrated security solutions and threat detection.
  • Network Security: Network security provides advance cloud defenses, prioritized alerts and incidents, integrated security solutions and threat detection. Network security groups contain security rules that allow or deny inbound or outbound network traffic from several types of Azure resources. It allows grouping of network traffic rules as security groups using Azure’s NSG (Network Security Group).
  • Azure Network Watcher: Organizations can monitor, diagnose and gain insight into their network performance and health. They can remotely capture packet data for virtual machines. Monitor virtual machine network using flow logs and security group view. It also helps diagnose VPN connectivity issues.
  • WAF & WAS: Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects against web attacks and simplifies security management without requiring any application changes.

Azure Arc

Azure Arc is a bridge that extends the Azure platform to help you build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters, at the edge, and in multicloud environments. Develop cloud-native applications with a consistent development, operations, and security model. 

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Business Benefits of SNP’s Hybrid Cloud Framework

Build Solutions on the Hybrid Platform:

Create a truly consistent experience across your hybrid cloud using comprehensive Azure cloud capabilities. Reduce complexity and risk with a platform, tools, and services designed to work together across your on-premises and cloud environments. Build and deploy your applications constantly, seamlessly manage data, enable anywhere access with SSO, and deliver integrated security and management across on-premises and the cloud.

Develop Modern Applications Across Hybrid Environments:

Bring powerful Azure benefits to your data center with Azure Stack, provide cloud capabilities to on-premises infrastructure by running Azure services in your data center to build, test, and deploy applications the same way anywhere across your hybrid environment. Address latency and connectivity requirements for edge and disconnected solutions. Develop applications once and deploy in Azure or on-premises to meet regulatory or policy requirements.

Unify your DevOps:

Use Azure DevOps to enable agile development and consistent software delivery across your hybrid cloud by adopting the same continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline between on-premises and the cloud. With Azure DevOps Server on-premises and Azure DevOps services, you get the same full suite of DevOps services and capabilities across your hybrid cloud.

Seamlessly Distribute, Manage and Analyze Data:

Manage your data and analytics consistently across your on-premises environment and the cloud, whether your data is stored in SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL or NoSQL. With Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, easily move your SQL workloads to the cloud and back again — with no code changes — regardless of what SQL database management system you’re currently running. Azure services such as Azure Data Factory enable new cloud analytics scenarios while maintaining data in your existing on-premises environments.

One Identity, Access Anywhere:

Connect your on-premises Active Directory solutions to the cloud with Azure Active Directory and have one identity and access management strategy across your hybrid environment. Give users a secure and seamless SSO experience anywhere. Protect against unauthorized access to your resources and data with enhanced cloud-based security solutions, including conditional access and identity protection, without compromising productivity.

Integrate Security and Management:

Monitor, secure and manage your hybrid cloud with the broadest built-in security and management capabilities. Get a unified view of security for all your workloads across on-premises, Azure and other clouds, in one Azure Security Center dashboard. With Azure Monitor, collect and analyze data to enable proactive insights and troubleshooting through a common view. Easily integrate alerts from System Center Operations Manager into Azure services.

Proven Use Cases

High Availability Deployment of ADFS Infrastructure with Hybrid Connectivity & DMZ Setup
/ Technology

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Hybrid Cloud Adoption Framework with Disaster Recovery on Microsoft Azure/Professional Services

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Datacenter Modernization with Hybrid Cloud Adoption Framework/ Healthcare

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