A Docker Container Solution for WordPress on Azure Web App for Containers

In September 2017 Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Web App for Containers and Azure App Service on Linux.

While it is possible to host WordPress websites with Azure App Service on Linux, its built-in image for PHP is not an ideal environment for WordPress in production. At SNP we turned our attention to the Web App for Containers resource as a way to provide custom Docker images for our customers. SNP's priorities were to:

  • Include WordPress code in the image, not referenced from the Web App /home mount.
  • Set custom permissions on the document root
  • Add more PHP extensions commonly used by WordPress sites
  • Add additional PHP configuration settings recommended for WordPress

A result of this effort is a GitHub repository published on February 6, 2018:


As a public repository, WordPress developers and website hosting managers can fork the repo to customize it for their website use case.

Issues and pull requests on GitHub are welcome!

Docker for WordPress
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