Healthcare Analytics: Get Actionable Insights From Your Data

As the amount of patient data continues to grow, healthcare networks and providers are turning to data analytics to convert raw clinical, operational and financial data into actionable knowledge to help improve performance and patient care with valuable insights in near-real time.

SNP’s Smart Healthcare Analytics Solution built on the Microsoft Cloud and Advanced Analytics Services, helps Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) and Affordable Care Organizations (ACOs) aggregate their claims and transform them into actionable results. With access to the right data at the right time and the ability to compare past and present datasets and trends, CINs and ACOs can more quickly and accurately predict and positively influence patient, staff, financial and clinical outcomes.

SNP’s Healthcare Analytics Model is designed with reusable components to make the solution agile and rapidly deployable to a range of environments and business needs by:

Delivering customized dashboards across many platforms:

Get a system that delivers dashboards and reports to end users through desktops and mobile devices. Healthcare providers gain visibility into all the relevant insights and key performance indicators (KPIs) anytime and anywhere. Supporting multiple platforms allows users to access data no matter what device or endpoint they’re using.

Integrating dashboards within an electronic health record:

This feature allows healthcare organizations to integrate dashboards directly into their custom applications, some of their EHRs and other platforms hospital staff use regularly. End-user efficiency is improved while eliminating the need to navigate away from the main application to view reports and dashboards.

Accessing near real-time reports during patient care:

In a patient care setting, having access to real-time insights around the patient's health is critical. SNP’s Smart Healthcare offers processing engines to deliver insights faster and provide near real-time feedback on patients with Microsoft Power BI.

Business process automation capabilities:

To convert data insights into actions, end users need analytics tools that can deliver business process automation. SNP’s Smart Healthcare Solution can trigger actions as a result of predefined events, where healthcare providers can analyze claims data in their billing systems and automatically notify a claims specialist or resubmit a claim to the clearinghouse.

Emphasizing self-service capabilities:

With increasing end-user adoption in mind, SNP’s Smart Healthcare Solution equips healthcare professional by giving them dashboards with self-service capabilities to build and customize dashboards and reports with minimal need for IT support.

Data analytics in healthcare allows end users to gain new insights into population health, operations and more. With SNP’s Smart Healthcare Solution, healthcare providers can make more meaningful decisions based on evidence and insights derived from their data.

Explore SNP’s Smart Healthcare Solution on Microsoft App Source, and sign up for a free trial today.  For more details and information on SNP's Data Analytics and Intelligence Solutions, contact us here.

SNP’s Smart Healthcare Solution on Microsoft App Source
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