Simplify Data Governance & GDPR in Office 365

Today, many organizations across the globe are rapidly adopting Microsoft Office 365 (O365) as part of their digital transformation strategy. Office 365 also plays a key role in data governance, which is all about keeping your data around when you need it and getting rid of it when you don't. With data governance in Office 365, you can manage the full content lifecycle, from importing and storing data, creating retention policies and permanently deleting content at the end of its lifecycle.

SNP’s data governance & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) services for Office 365 equips enterprises with a robust set of productivity and digital workplace tools making it the de facto cloud email and content collaboration solution for many enterprises. You can now safely store your data, share your data, customize policies or permanently delete data when it’s no longer needed — mitigating all risks.


Key Business Benefits of SNP’s Data Governance and GDPR Services for Office 365 include:

  • Import:  Some of your data might be stored in places like on-premises servers or in third-party apps. Using the intelligent import feature, you can easily bring your messaging, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business data into Office 365.
  • Store Data: With auto-expanding and archiving in Office 365, customers get unlimited storage to archive mailboxes.
  • Data Retention: Create policies and labels to comply proactively with industry regulations and internal policies by ensuring that you retain content as long as required (but not any longer).  For instance, retain emails of former employees by creating inactive mailboxes around retention policies. A single retention policy can cover your entire organization.
  • Disposition & Supervision: Our close monitoring service lets you define policies that capture email and 3rd-party communications in your organization, so they can be examined by internal or external reviewers. Reviewers can then classify these communications, make sure they're compliant with your company policies, and escalate questionable material if necessary.
  • Identify & Protect Personal Data: All information and data are closely monitored to ensure no critical information is leaked out of your organization’s ecosystem.


For more information about how your organization can discover, classify, manage, protect and monitor your data governance & GDPR in Office 365, contact SNP Technologies.


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