About the Customer

Founded in 1979, the customer is a premium technology service provider to the commercial insurance industry. With an extensive history in pioneering technological solutions for insurance companies in underwriting and claims, the company’s focus is on field employees. The customer’s products and services ensure that loss control engineers and premium auditors have the tools to collect data and findings in real-time to be delivered over the Internet. The company is recognized as the data collection standard for the industry and the most sought after vendor for commercial insurance companies.


Windows 2012 R2 Virtual Machines
SQL Server License
IIS Role on Windows 2012 R2 Server
Point to Site VPN
Site to Site VPN
Storage File Share
Azure IaaS VM Backup
Azure Data Backup
SQL backups to Azure Storage
Operations Insights (Log Analytics)
Azure Subscriptions 

Business Challenge

SNP Technologies was engaged to migrate the customer’s existing application server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with the purpose of providing them with a secure and compliant environment.

•    The customer needed a multitier application with front web services and backend SQL 
•    The customer’s server Infrastructure was outdated and needed to be replaced.
•    The client’s applications were running on legacy operating systems and using legacy SQL databases.

The SNP Solution

SNP moved customer’s legacy application infrastructure to Azure, which included configuring backup and DR solutions for its virtual machines (VMs). Additionally, SNP:

  • Performed application assessments to identify the optimal migration path to the latest OS versions and MSSQL.
  • Created a development environment on Azure leveraging the Azure Virtual Network, Azure Storage, and       Windows Virtual Machines running SQL Server.
  • Implemented Windows Server 2012 R2 datacenter for web services and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard for the database layer.
  • Leveraged Azure File Services as a part of the data transfer solution between on-premise and Azure. 
  • Implemented a site-to-site VPN to connect the customer’s on-premise infrastructure to Azure.
  • Implemented Azure VPN gateway for Point to Site VPN to connect the development environment on Azure 
  • Deployed Network Security Groups for controlling network traffic between the web server infrastructure and SQL Server infrastructure.
  • Ran multiple test cases to confirm application performance on Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014.
  • After application development and testing, SNP deployed the application to the production infrastructure.
  • Leveraged Azure Backup Solutions for infrastructure and applications.

Customer Benefits

  • The customer’s business applications are now running on the latest Windows platform and SQL Server in a fully secure and optimized Azure cloud environment.
  • Azure IaaS backup protects the server infrastructure at the image level, protecting against OS level failure.
  • The customer no longer needs to worry about replacing old hardware or redesigning its datacenter in the future; it can focus on operating and growing its business.
  • By moving to the cloud, the customer avoided capital expenses (CAPEX) and realized a cost savings of 40%.