Online Travel Agency Significantly Improves Real-time Business Intelligence with Azure Analytics Solution

The client is a leading online travel agency the provides travel technology, travel business process outsourcing, ticket fulfillment and call center solutions. They bridge the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional travel agency bconvenient online booking capability, as well as a 24/7 personalized booking experience. The agency operates in North America, Europe, and Asia partnering with over 450 airlines, over 1 million hotels, and hundreds of car agencies worldwide.

To provide a 24/7 personalized booking experience, the client has hundreds of trained and certified travel agents in multiple countries and in multiple languages. This creates a huge influx of data, and their current Amazon Web Services and on-premise solution was making data collection, management, and analytics a time-consuming affair.

We partnered with the online travel agency to help them modernize their current IoT data analytics solution with Microsoft Azure. After walking them through an in-depth analysis of the azure IoT & data platform components, technical benefits, performance, integration options and SLA benefits of Microsoft Azure, we deployed the solution on their on-premise and AWS environment.

The client has seen significant change and improvement in the quality and efficiency of its data analytics. They significantly cut down the management time in collecting and streamlining the data, which allows them to focus more on analyzing the data. Some of the most significant improvements experienced by the client include:

• Successful implementation of the Azure IoT Real Time Data Analytics solution in August 2018 with no reported downtime from the time of launch to date.

•The client got an advance insight into data flow and insight into business data like interpreting financial leakage in terms of receivable and payable transactions.

• The solution deployed by SNP with a configurable label, which helped them to minimize the changes with optimal output. The manual intervention in report generation has reduced by 50%.

• The sales team in their company has hugely benefited from the data-driven reporting. And, it helped their finance team plan their Air Tickets Offers Strategy and financial expenditure in multiple areas of their business.

• With the help of SNP’s dedicated internal resources and Azure technology, the client is now ready to deploy the solution corporate wide across their two independent business units that share enterprise level travel domain needs.

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