How DevOps in the Cloud Improves Application Delivery and Efficiency

DevOps is a cultural shift and a healthy collaboration between development and operations. There is no single DevOps tool, rather a set consisting of multiple tools that range from version control of source code to application life cycle management. With DevOps, siloed roles like development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security coordinate and collaborate seamlessly.

Some of the ways DevOps has proven to increase application delivery and efficiency for our customers include:

Dev & Ops Collaboration:

Raise efficiency, quality, and speed through better development and operations collaboration.

Centralized Source Code Management:

Version control of application source code and multiple team members to work on application code development parallelly, branching strategies improve the team development efforts

Rapid Delivery:

Move to continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD) with the test, release, and deployment automation process.

Automate Infrastructure: 

Automate as many of your processes as you can through virtualization, and configuration management to add agility to your infrastructure.

Microservices & Containerization: 

Develop and change applications faster and easier by making development, test and production environments more consistent.

Cloud Migration: 

Migrate and deliver applications in the cloud with scalability, resilience, and security.


Manage, track, and report end-to-end software delivery for all stakeholders.


Get access to existing toolsets and processes, along with future technologies to help you automate and orchestrate activities.


Get a centralized repository for all security, standards, and compliance policies spanning across functions, tools, and platforms.

Unlimited Scalability

Scale as your business grows and get a single source for sharing control and visibility.


DevOps offers strong integration capabilities that allow easy integration between tools and automation platforms.


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Phil Balogh

Phil Balogh

Phil Balogh is a Sales Director at SNP Technologies. Phil works with customers and SNP’s technical teams to deliver application development, cloud migration, and DevOps solutions. A lifelong technology professional, Phil is also a frequent contributor to SNP’s blog.