SNP’s Azure Kubernetes Services- Your Fast-track to Container Orchestration

Containers make it easier for users to continuously build and deploy applications. By orchestrating deployment of containers using Kubernetes in Azure Container Service, users can achieve replicable, manageable clusters of containers. SNP Technologies brings performance and scalability to open-source application workloads by leveraging Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). SNP experts help chart, implement and manage customers’ Kubernetes systems.

SNP Offers:

  • A fully functioning Kubernetes cluster to host your application workloads.
  • Guidance to configure Kubernetes manifests tailored to your workload requirements.
  • Guidance for container scaling, monitoring, security, and deployment in AKS.
  • Training to get your team up and running with Kubernetes and AKS.


Business Benefits:

Migrate existing applications: Easily migrate existing application to container(s) and run within the managed AKS. Control access via integration with Azure Active Directory and access SLA-backed Azure Services such as Azure Database for MySQL.

Simplify the deployment and management of Microservices based applications: Use AKS to simplify the deployment and management of microservices based architecture. AKS streamlines horizontal scaling, self-healing, load balancing and more.

Scale with ease using AKS and ACI: Use the ACI connector to provision pods inside ACI that start in seconds. This enables AKS to run with just enough capacity for your average workload. As you run out of capacity in your AKS cluster, scale-out additional pods in ACI with no additional servers to manage.

Machine learning model training with AKS: Training of models using large datasets is a complex and resource intensive task. Use familiar tools such as Kubeflow to simplify training of machine learning models. Your ML models will run in AKS clusters backed by GPU-enabled VMs.

Managed control plane: Eliminate hardware costs and reduce IT management costs. Pay only for the agent nodes hosting your containers.

Azure CLI: Efficiently spin up and manage AKS clusters from the command line.

VNet support: Places your pods in an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) with connectivity to VNet resources.

Container health: Monitor performance by collecting metrics from controllers, nodes, and containers available in Kubernetes.


To learn more about SNP’s Azure Kubernetes Services, contact us here.


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Azure Kubernetes Services
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